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Fanakistan & Moderovia

is a country which exists in virtual reality. It is a diversified country but most members have espoused one or more of the following:

-Arch-conservative or reactionary views shrouded in leftist rhetoric

-Promotion of hatred, bigotry, violence, intolerance, gay-slander and hatred, anti-feminism, against women’s right

-Try to silence any criticism of the most fundamentalist interpretation of Islam and promotion of women’s right, gay-rights, children’s rights, human rights

-Racism mostly directed against Jews, Whites and Indians.

-Lack of religious tolerance and hatred towards different faiths; most notably Hinduism and Judaism


-Putrid hatred of Israel and wishing for the annihilation of the State of Israel

-Hatred of America

-Lack of human decency

-Bullying of moderate members of the IR forum

-Verbal slander and common vulgarity

-Sympathy for Islamic terrorists called; “freedom fighters”

-Promotion of hate sites

-Nazi rhetoric

-…and the list goes on, but I think the general description of Fanatikistan has been conveyed.

-Democracy is an evil Western idea.

-Human rights…what is that?

Landscape and capital of Fanakistan

Landscape: Don’t know since I’m watching it from the land of Moderovia and Fanakistan is always clouded by ignorance and hatred. I know for sure there exist the Mountain of Hate and the River of intolerance and lake of Death. There is also a wast source of mud which the inhabitance use for aminition catapulting it into Moderovia.

Capital: Bin. I have been told that the streets run with blood from beheadings. Heads, hands and arms cover the streets. Screams of women can be heard everywhere from houses but also from public squares where their mutilated heads stick up from the ground after stoning. Guards roam the street chanting religious verses while they beat women passing by and pick up women thrown out of their houses by their men for “adultery”. Children are not save from those guards.

There are no universities, ignorance is an virtue and people are not encouraged to think. In some parts TV is allowed in others not but the programs are all the same, message of hate, anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism. Terrorism acts and films of victims is also popular.

Amongst the regions of this most desolate and ignorant place are: Terroristan, Antiisman, Talibanistan, Extremikistan, Ignoristan, and last but not least Saudi-Arabiakistan which is actually the spiritual home of the Wahabiism which is so inspiring to so many members of the country.

People, society and norms
For some reason many members call themselves Muslims and consider Islam their faith hmmmmm but one moment, hold on; isn’t Islam the religion of love, charity, and culture so in essence they can’t be Muslims. In some cases the none-Muslims are even more fanatical than the people calling themselves Muslims

One would think that the members would be fighting amongst themselves since in many ways they are so diversified: Marxists, Liberal-leftists, and Muslims at a various stage of fundamentalist extremism. But instead of fighting they have united in a common cause: HATRED. This is the glue that holds the country of Fanatikistan together. Why else would fundamentalists be associating with heathens, unveiled women, socialists? Everybody gives in a little…although some more than others. The leftists give up the most.

They have to virtually accept reactionary politics directed against women and give up on the idea of human rights. Well not entirely. Human rights is all good when protecting the rights of the likes of Bin Laden, but not really valid when fighting against stoning of children or women or promoting human rights in Islamic countries. In that case the promotion of universal human rights becomes “ethnocentric” and “Islamphophia”

In the country of Fanatikistan. Women are dirty and men are not allowed to shake hands with them, not even when foreign dignitaries are involved.

The youth is taught that western women are whores and that’s why its alright to rape them and molest.

Martyrdom is the greatest thing with 72 virgin promised if you kill enough children and women. Oddly enough the killing of Shiite women and children falls under this category.

It is a male dominated society where the men aren’t used to women speaking so they react harshly when they do, with personal vulgarity and filth on such a scale it is hard to distinguish between ass and mouth.

Moderovia: Country, people, values
Bordering the Fundamentalist state of Fanikistan is the country of Moderovia
In Moderovia the following are the guidelines:

-Religious tolerance and freedom where moderation and respect runs deep in the conscience of the people

-The liberal believe and state and religion are separate issues and faith is something that is on a personal level between people’s gods and themselves.

-Universal human rights

-Keen interest in other people’s culture and faith and the believe that we seem different we are all the same just celebrating and sharing our difference.

-Rule of law

-Discrimination based on gender, race, faith or sexuality is forbidden and punishable by law

-The promotion of hate is forbidden

-Women are not the property of men but independent individuals which are not subject to slander for being who they are or dressing the way they like

-The justice system doesn’t execute, disfigure, whip, behead, stone or amputate people

-Gays are not subject to abuse and death but respected

-Children are not stoned but regarded as the most valued persons in the whole state to be protected at all cost but not filled with hatred of others or told to become suicide bombers.

-Values of democracy

-Respect for property

Who are the members of this society?
People with various political views but believe in basic human rights and democracy.
Moderate religious people be it Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews etc.
Non-religious people
Lovers of human rights and diversity
People who consider themselves agnostic, or atheists

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