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Jesus or Muhammad? Who is greater? And Muhammad's affairs and character.

I was watching a Zakir Naik video the other day, where a muslim guy asked this question, and I was laughing histerically when Zakir Naik gave the most absurd explanation about MUHAMMAD's greatness over Jesus.

Now, let us be serious and forget what that irrational imbecil said, and discover for ourselves WHO IS THE GREATEST.


1. Married Khadija for MONEY
2. Committed paedophilia by marrying Ayesha (LUST)
3. Committed polygamy (LUST)
4. Invaded cities in order to destroy them (Violence)
5. Killed thousands of people (Violence + Evil)
6. Encouraged Jealousy amongst his wives by marrying them (Evil)
7. LIED about being a prophet (Evil)
8. Lied about receiving revelations from G-d (Evil + Misleading)
9. Made up rules for the Quran to mistreat women if they disobey men (Evil)
10. Was an orphan (Not a divine birth)
11. Was unlettered in the scriptures (Ignorant)
12. Hated Jews, hated homosexuals, hated women.
13. Never performed miracles
14. Never prophecised anything
15. Never suffered for mankind
16. Never had a proper job apart from living as a parasite on Khadija's money
17. Died and remained dead.

These are but a FEW of the things he did.


1. Was born of a pure woman
2. Was educated
3. Only married One woman all his life
4. Never invaded any city
5. Never killed anyone
6. Never committed pedophilia
7. Loved everyone equally, the old, the sick and the lame...
8. Never made up rules.
9. Performed miracles
10. Prophecised things
11. Suffered for mankind
12. Taught people many great things about Love
13. Had a proper job (carpenter)
14. Helped people wherever he went
15. Resurrected from the dead



About Muhammad, and his customs: HISTORICAL FACTS.

• This Muslim god(sic) allah was not to be confused with the Jewish or Christian God.
• Those baser male elements in Arabia embraced his philosophy.
• He offered them a life style they craved in the name of allah, their single new god(sic).
• The decent people were silenced, murdered, maimed or fled outside Arabia.
• Our ancestors were murdered if they were not with him.
• Those who rejected him were vanquished in wars he provoked and won.
• By deceit and ambush he captured his opponents and beheaded the men.
• He subjugated the cultured peoples of Mecca and Arabia and made it a land of fear.
• His followers terrorized the surrounding lands and one by one subjugated them.
• Conquered people either became Muslim or died. Millions chose to die.
• The best people died because they would not accept him this evil man as their leader.
• Centuries of Arabian learning and culture was burned and destroyed.
• Arabia, that had been the crossroads of the world since the days of Babylon, became a no go zone.
• Egypt's Pharisaic history and culture was plundered and lost in the turmoil.
• Museums, libraries and universities of learning were burned.
• Mohammed's Koran was to be the only book allowed to the people.
• North Africa suffered a similar fate all the way to Morocco.
• The ancient cultures of Babylon, Egypt and Persia were destroyed in the initial upheaval.
• Fear ruled the lands as his bloodthirsty followers spread his murder cult after his death.

• Mohammed became a successful warlord and ruled his followers with an iron fist.
• The slightest dissent to was deemed blasphemy, demanding death.
• He hijacked the Jewish Bible proclaiming himself as the latest and greatest prophet(sic) of the book.
• Then he acted in flagrant contradiction of those books.
• He enlisted Jesus, the Christ as another prophet, but he put Jesus to the back of the class.
• The slave trader placed himself above Jesus.
• Christ had promised to send a comforter and Mohammed claimed to be this man.
• Christ also said there would come an Anti-Christ (which is what Mohammed actually was).
• Mohammed was bitterly hated by large sections of an advanced Arabian society.
• He led his followers in battle until he established himself by conquest over other Arabs.
• He terrorized the vanquished and beheaded thousands of captives, enslaving their children.
• His new religion held great appeal to many criminals and he promoted this religion by his own criminal deeds.
• The position of women was reduced to the status of little more than slaves.
• Any Islamic born person who denounced his religion was put to death for blasphemy.
• Once he established himself, the same fate was assured for any person who denounced him.

• To even question the false prophet Mohammed was blasphemy and invited death.
• He instilled fear in everyone. His Mullahs do it today in his name by his Shariah laws.
• The same applies to Salman Rushdie, Taslema Nasreen, Ibn Warraq who are but few well known examples.
• The dissenters were to become dead apostates. Islam consumes its dissenters and there were many initially.
• Every Islamic country in the world is ruled by extreme fear.
• The moral adherents of his religion who doubted his piety always remained silent.
• The clerics and mullahs would be the interpreters and judges of all, in his name.
• Islam held massive appeal to Arab male chauvinists because in pre-Islamic Arabia, women were more influential than men financially.
• There were many men who resented the influence of powerful women.
• This base and immoral man Mohammed had criminals as his most ardent believers and later, as his worshipers.
• His was a male dominated religion. Every man was a king in his own home.

• Women lost all rights, all their property, and became servants of menfolk.
• No woman would ever raise her voice to a man in future.
• They would have to hide behind a veil. They would have to walk behind their man.
• They would have to endure any chastisement or even death without protest.
• The tragedy was that many terrified women accepted their lot in the name of a fictitious allah.
• Women in Islam, would survive only as home makers and sex objects for their man.
• Produce his offspring, make his bed and cook his food.
• This was their destiny, negotiated by Mohammed with Allah, his self proclaimed false prophet.
• A false prophet who was a murderer, a slave trader and a sexually deviant psychopath.
• Mohammed was like Hitler, who plunged the world into a war without end for the Reich,
• Mohammed plunged a cultured Middle East into war, darkness and fear in the name of a fictitious allah.

• His own people suffered more than anyone. Women were reduced to low status.
• A minority of rich men had it all. Land, palaces, slaves and harems.
• He directed his faithful to proclaim their Religion aloud for all to see.
• He told them to face his birth place in Mecca and prostrate themselves to an imaginary allah.
• He retained the Kabba, an ancient and sacred pre-Islamic temple, as the focus of his new religion.
• He prayed to Allah in the desecrated Temples and Synagogues of his defeated victims
• His followers and imitators have been repeating this practice worldwide ever since.
• Muslims prefer to use other faiths' churches (Hagia Sophia at Istanbul), synagogues (Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock at Jerusalem) temples (Babri Mosque in India) as their mosques to assert their superiority over there defeated victims.
• Mohammed set the trend for this by literally dancing on his detractors graves and corpses.
• The prayer is always the same incantation that allah is the only god and that accursed Mohammed is his prophet; ad absurdum.
• Mohammed cloaked a dark Satanic force with an aura of Godliness.
• His religion had no Sabbath for non-Muslims (Kafirs) because slaves never had free time.
• The Muslim male goes to pray to Allah while the woman and his slaves work.

• Mohammed maintained a luxury harem which is emulated by rich Muslims ever since.
• His faithful prostrate and pray in an outward show of godliness five times daily.
• Their lives revolve around this daily ritual of washing and praying.
• They fast during the daytime for the month of Ramadan, then party all night.
• They give charity of one fortieth of their income to the poor. Both of which are religious pretenses to keep the flock together.
• Mohammed harnessed the word Religion with evil.
• He was the Antichrist, foreseen by Christ, who put Christ behind himself.
• Mohammed misused the Bible by adding his verses of evil sadism.
• An outward show of goodness masked the evil, lurking in his followers.
• He was poisoned by one of the women he violated and he died in well-deserved agony.
• After his death the band of gangsters who followed him spread his murderous cult by the sword. People converted or died.
• The easiest way to get rich was to kill non Muslims and take their wealth and women.
• That is how Islam spread from Mecca, all in the name of a fictitious allah and the accursed Mohammed.
• Judaism, a brotherhood of freed slaves with their sacred Sabbath, was his avowed enemy.

• Muslim slave traders deal in slaves in Africa even today (remember Darfur). Arab and African Muslims buy them for work or sex.
• In the 18th and 19th centuries traders bought slaves in the coastal markets for shipment to the Americas.
• Most Europeans were Christian and despised the slave trade. It was unchristian. Abraham Lincoln was one of such Christian who fought a Civil War to abolish Slavery.
• Slaves could only be sold in far off lands and were controlled by greedy landowners.
• Christian America went to war with itself to free the slaves.
• Without Islam these traders could never capture slaves. Islamic North Africa promoted slavery.
• Muslim dealers captured and brought the African slaves to the marketplace for sale.
• Christianity was the only hope and the reason for the survival of black American slaves.
• Christianity gave them hope of a Redeemer. That is why they embraced it.
• Islam survived in a closed society in the Middle East where Infidels or non Muslims were unwelcome.
• The history books were destroyed and no records kept of Muslim abominations and atrocities.

• Young male slaves were castrated and used for housework. Old and infirm were cheap and expendable.
• When they could no longer work they were killed off like old dogs.
• This was Mohammed’s business. This was how the false and heinous prophet-to-be made his money.
• This was the barbaric way of life that he was determined to preserve from the threat of Christianity.
• Although illiterate, he was a shrewd businessman who married his boss, an rich widow who was older than him by many years.
• He despised her with a vengeance. But when she died, he inherited all her wealth.
• He went on to have 13 wives and many concubines, whom he treated as personal property.

• Mohammed's youngest wife Ayesha, was only 6 years old when he engaged her and 9 years old when he married her and consummated their ‘marriage’!
• He bought her from her parents place because she was beautiful even as a child.
• He clearly had a voracious sexual appetite and was well known to be promiscuous.
• His life revolved around his harem, his slaves, battles and fooling people which his talk of god and satan.
• He always carried a knife or a sword. He killed many of his enemies by his own hand (a la Zarqawi who along with the accursed Mohammed is enjoying the Houris in Jan’aat - the Muslim heaven).

• Mohammed personally abused, castrated, flogged and killed rebellious slaves.
• Through his brigandage, he became very rich and influential.
• His ideals of human rights extended only to his own faithful followers of Islamic brotherhood (Ummah).
• All infidels or non-Muslims were fair game for conquest or enslavement.
• He began to claim he was in direct personal contact with some god.
• There are good and bad persons in every society. Like Hitler, Mohammed courted those who were bad and evil like him.
• He commanded his faithful followers and associates to believe him without questioning his authority.
• Mohammed put his evil band made up of Ali, Umar and the like in control of his society.
• He dictated his God's words, whom he called Allah, and ordered his followers to memorize these words.
• He borrowed some Jewish and Christian doctrines and combined them with his brand of depravity.
• It was a pick and mix of the good with the bad and he called it Islam.
• Islam means submission of Kafirs to the will of the Muslims of women to the will of their fathers, husbands sons and sons-in-law.
• It is clear today for all to see and experience that evil that Islam represents.
• All Islamic women, our mothers and sisters, live a life of extreme fear.
• He called it a new religion and proclaimed himself god's prophet.
• He nominated one deity, Allah, as his god, emphasizing Allah as the one true god(sic).

Muhammad’s Call

Fifteen years after his marriage, at age 40, Muhammad had a visitation from a spirit. Supposedly, this spirit told him that he was called of God to be a “prophet” and an “apostle.” It is in­teresting to note that there was no tradition in Arabian religions of either prophets or apostles. These terms were obviously used by Muhammad to appeal to Jews and Christians.

Muhammad continued to have spirit visitations. They would throw him into a trance, and his utterances during the trances were written down by scribes. These ethereal statements became the Koran, but they were not compiled until after Muhammad’s death. When the compilation was made, the utterances were not organized either chronologically or by subject matter. The result was a jumble of disorganized and often incoherent sayings which are frequently contradictory.

For example, the Koran1 gives four conflicting accounts of Muhammad’s call to be a prophet [the word, Sura, means chapter]:

1. Suras 53 and 81 — God, or Allah as he is called in Arabic, personally appeared to Muhammad.
2. Suras 16 and 26 — The call was from the Holy Spirit.
3. Sura 15 — Angels issued the call.
4. Sura 2 — Gabriel was the one who appeared to him.

Muhammad’s Revelations

At the time Muhammad received his initial visitation, there were over 300 gods being worshiped in Mecca by pilgrims who came there each year to pray at the Ka’aba, a small cubic building that housed a black meteorite and effigies of the various gods. One of those gods was Allah, the moon god.

Muhammad decided to proclaim that there was only one god — and he selected Allah as that god. That’s the reason the crescent moon became the symbol of Islam. Muhammad also proclaimed that he was the prophet of Allah.

Initially, Muhammad expected both Jews and Christians to receive his new revelation. Thus, early passages in the Koran speak admiringly of “the people of the Book.” These are the passages that Muslims in the West love to quote in their effort to prove that Islam is a tolerant religion. An example is Sura 5:82 which says, “You will find that those who are nearest in love to the believers [Muslims] are those who say, ‘We are Christians.’”

Muhammad’s Rejection

But when Jews and Christians rejected Muhammad, he turned fiercely against them, and later passages in the Koran speak of them disparagingly:

* Sura 5:51 commands Muslims not to take Jews and Christians as friends.
* Sura 9:29 commands Muslims to fight against Jews and Christians until they either submit to Allah or else agree to pay a special tax.
* Sura 2:65-66 and Sura 5:60 contain references to Jews as “apes and swine to be despised and rejected.” (Think of that! You can be sure that such a statement did not come from the true God of this universe who selected the Jews to be His Chosen People.)

Jews and Christians were not the only ones who rejected Muhammad’s new revelations. The people of his own tribe, the Quraysh, also rejected him. In response, Muhammad succumbed to the temptation to appease his tribe by announcing that it would be okay for them to worship the three daughters of Allah — named Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Ma­nat.

This declaration led to the infamous “Satanic verses” of the Koran which were later deleted when Muhammad reverted back to monotheism. Muslims have tried ever since to cover-up this diversion from the faith. You may remember that in 1989 an Indian writer by the name of Salman Rushdie brought up this taboo topic when he wrote a novel entitled, The Satanic Verses. The Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran condemned him and called for his assassination. A three million dollar bounty was placed on his head, and he has been in hiding ever since.

Muhammad’s Trek

The opposition to Muhammad in his home town of Mecca continued to grow until he was forced to flee 250 miles to Medina where his message was received. The Islamic calendar dates from this year when Muhammad fled to Medina and found a receptive audience, resulting in the formal establishment of Islam as a religion. It was the year 622 A.D., and that date represents year one of the Muslim calendar, which is a lunar calendar. The year 2001 is the year 1422 in the Muslim dating system.

After the death of his wife, Muhammad married at least 11 other women (some sources place the total as high as 16). He also took several concubines. He married one girl who was only six years old and had sexual relations with her when she was 9.2 According to the Koran, only the prophet could have unlimited wives. All other Muslim men are limited to four (Sura 4:3).

Muhammad died on June 8, 632 A.D. in Medina at age 63. He left no successor, and Islam soon broke into warring sects such as the Shiites and the Sunnis.

The wives of Prophet Mohammed

The Prophet's wives are listed in four categories:

The women whom he married and stayed with till his death in 632.
Women that he captured in wars the ones he slept with but never married or they did not want to marry him. His concubines
Women he married and divorced after a short time.
Women that may or may not have been married to him

In the first category his wives were:

Khadijeh, daughter of Khovilid, they married in the year 595 when she was 40 and he was 25 years old. They lived together for 24 years 10 years of it after Mohammed declared himself a messenger from Allah. It is ironic that during these ten years Allah never, told Mohammed to marry another woman. They had four daughters and adopted a son, named Zaid. She died in 619.

Soodeh, Daughter of Hamzeh, they married in the year 620 when she was 30 years old and he was 50. This was second marriage for both of them. They both had lost their spouse.

Ayesh, a six year old child that Allah offered Mohammed in 623 when he was 53 years old. She was his favorite and he died in her arms in 632.

Hafzeh, daughter of Omar Ibn Khatab. He married her in 625. She was 18 years old and had lost her husband in the battle of Badr.

Omeh Salmeh, Daughter of Almeghireh, they married in 626 when she was 29 years old. Her husband had died in the battle of Ohod.

Zeinab, daughter of Khazimeh, he married her in 626 when she was 30 and had lost her first and second husbands in the war of Badr. She died a few months later.

Jorieh, daughter of Hares, He married her in 627 and freed her tribe. She was a 20-year old war booty. She was so beautiful that who ever laid an eye on her fall in love with her.

Zeinab, daughter of Jahesh, she was his cousin and married to Zeid the Prophet’s adopted son. Mohammed fell in love with this woman and asked Zeid to divorce her and he married her in the year 628. She was 38 years old. Koran 33-37 gives the prophet the right to marry his adopted son’s wife. “When Zaid had accomplished his want of her, we gave her to you as a wife, so that there should be no difficulty for the believers in respect of the wives of their adopted sons, when they have accomplished their want of them; and Allah’s command shall be performed.” What a nice Allah, whenever this man desires a woman Allah just says OK you can have it.

Ramleh, Daughter of Abu Sofyan, known as Omeh Habibe, they married in the year 628. She was 38-year-old widow and her husband had left Islam.

Safieh, daughter of Hay Ben Khatab was from a Bani Nazir a Jewish tribe. Her husband died in 628 in the battle of Kheibar. Safieh’s husband had refused to tell Mohammed where he had hidden his wealth and was killed under torture. The same night Mohammed took Safieh, the 17-year old beauty to his bed. Later he married her.

Meimooneh, daughter of Haress. Mohammed married her in 628 and she was 27 years old.

Mohammed’s concubines

Marieh, daughter of Shamoon. A black beauty given as a gift to the Prophet by the king of Egypt.

Rayhaneh, daughter taken as a war booty. Mohammed took her to bed after he ordered the killing of her husband in the year 627. She did not agree to be his wife and stayed in his Haram as slave until her death in 632.

Women Mohammed married and divorced quickly.

Asma daughter of Neman

Ghotileh, Daughter of Ghaice

Malaeke Daughter of kaab

Bent Jandeb daughter of Damareh

Fatima, Daughter of Sahaak

Omreh, daughter of Yazid

Alyeh, daughter of Zobyan

Saba, daughter of Sofyan

Nesha daughter of Rafieh

Ghazieh, daughter of jaber

Fatima, daughter of shoreh

Sanaa daughter of Salim

Alshanba, daughter of Omar

Kholeh, daughter of Alhavhil

Shargh daughter of Khalifeh

Kolleh daughter of Hakim

In addition there are 7 more women that may or may not have married Mohammed.

Habibeh daughter of Sahl

Laili daughter of Khatem

Omeh Hani daughter of Abi Taleb

Dobeh, daughter of Amir

Safieh daughter of Beshameh

Emareh or Emameh daughter of Hafzeh

Omeh Habib daughter of Alabas

Taken from the Persian “Cyrus The Great and Mohammed Ibn Abdollah,” by Dr. Roushangar


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It's really really sad to talk about someone because you heard about that person from someone else? Wow I think you are the stupid one, I'm a Christian and when I finally git to understand Qur'an and I got to ignore all the fake hate, doyou have proofs? Khadija was a business woman, Muhammad let her do her business and Khadija asked For Muhammad's hand in marriage, do you have proofs anywhere that Khadija says or cries in misery that Prophet did that to her? (Oops sorry I have proofs for everything really sorry to ruin your so-called irrational imbecile filled post) and Khadija was widow (lmao) in our society marrying a widow seems low-key and all the wives they were either widow, mother's so if there was any jealousy wouldn't they would be like ' I need divorce' and all ? Did (lmao again) some wives who ran from kaafir rule were without a roof and helpless prophet took them and asked his Sahabahs to have a halal relationship so they could strive for a better life all of them were given the best education and manners, and he treated them all with such love and equality that I've never seen any man do that, just go check out Qur'an where women were killed by your own non-muslims if they gave birth to a girl ( you call yourself feminists lmao again) they were buried alive, Muhammad eradicated such illiteracy, if you have further problems of who was better and not sure do check out Qur'an Jesus and Muhammad can never be called beter or best and I'm out