Saturday, 17 April 2010

Self-Hating Jews Against Israel

Jew Nazi trolls and their friends who support the so-called State of Israel like to pretend that being Jewish is tantamount to being Isaeli and all Jews support "Israel".

Another lie, of course. Here are just a very few of the many anti-"Israeli" Jewsih websites.
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Israel is defending itself against the Islamikazi splodeydope war being waged against its population, including by the Hamas genocide machine, by Islamic Jihad, and by Arafat's Fatah Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

The radical left finds it convenient to support this genocidal war against the Jews, but they have to do it with some guile, and perhaps to get rid of their consciences. So they call the Jews Nazis, and pretend that that is so. This Holocaust inversion is necessary for them to strip away any feelings of guilt concerning the new holocaust against the Jews that they are supporting.

For the Euros, there are some additional advantages to doing this: trivializing the actual European Holocaust against the Jews; removing any feeling of national guilt for the Holocaust ("see, everyone does it, even the Jews" is what they tell their consciences); disguising their historic judenhass which did not disappear but only went into remission after the Holocaust ("see, we don't hate the Jews; we just love the Palis").

Also, the Zionism=Nazism mantra is an updated version of the Zionism=Racism mantra that the UN adopted for some time. Its objective is to take the hatred generated against the Nazis for their malicious deeds, and transplant it whole onto the principal victims of the Nazi Holocaust. It's the use of Hitler's idea of the big lie -- the bigger the lie, Hitler said, the easier it is to be accepted. And that's what they do with Holocaust inversion.

So apparently the only good Jew is one doing as he's told? Packing into trains, taking showers of poison gas, walking en masse into the mediterranean, etc.

Zionism is the antithesis of going down without a fight.

"Zionists are the greatest enemies of the Jewish people"? I don't think so!!!

"Jew-hater" is a much better term than "anti-Semite", both because it's blunt and because it denies the Islamophiles their first counter-argument: "how can you call me an anti-Semite when Arabs are Semites?"

I think "HAMAS-felching anti-civilisation terrorist-hugging mendacious sociopathic hypocritical snivelling moonbat regressive morally-bankrupt Chomskyite" is even more accurate and descriptive, but it may be a little on the long side.

Oh, and who could forget how Karl Marx, Noam Chomsky, Flo & Eddie, Abbie Hoffman, Abe Greenhouse, Norman Finkelstein, and other idiots acted so dilligently in the service of Jewish tradition...(sarcasm of course).

That Hamas has supporters is well known. That the goal of the Hamas genocide machine is to wipe out the population of Israel is also well known. Now it is up to Israel to take care of necessary business: to decapitate, defuze, disarm, irreparably dismantle, and grind into dust the Hamas genocide machine.

Swatting down Yassin and Rantissi was a start, but surely there's a lot more work that has to be done. The Euros need to understand that this is a war of survival that Israel is facing. A war, that is, not a court procedure. The phrase "extra-judicial execution" shows a misunderstanding about war; war isn't a courtroom procedure.

My suggestion to Israel is that it is best to focus as much as possible on taking out Hamas, among the various terrorist organizations, because Hamas is in bad odor here in the US, after Hamas threatened America.

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