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Islam and terrorism

Terrorists try and have a cause so that they have a basis to arouse sympathy and collect money.

They often call this 'freedom fighting'.

They skim the money collected and spend money also to finance various nefarious activities, unrelated to the 'freedom fighting'.

The gun runners, smugglers and the underground mafia support them as direct beneficiaries of money coming to these terrorist organisations.
So does the parallel banking system, through which the money is channeled.

The financial capital for 'illegal money' flow is London. Most illegal moneys transit/originate here for violence in various parts of the world.

A lot of Kashmir terrorsim sponsorship comes from London, as much as Pakistan.

The Srilankan LTTE esablished a wide network for regularly drawing money from all over the world. A lot of their money came from the UK, Canada, USA and Singapore and Malaysia.

Dubai and Singapore are other centres through which such money gets channeled, apart from arms.

Countries like Switzerland have long had the policy of being a haven to hoard unaccounted and stolen money from various countries used for various illegal activities including terrorism.

To suffocate terrorism, choke off the money and the arms flow.
Terrorism also flourishes 'cos other countries harbor terrorists giving them safe refuge till things cool down.
There are several rogue states that do this as an official policy.

These terrorists usually cite 'persecution' or imminent execution if extradited.
Thus these countries against capital punishment, refuse to extradite such people to countries where they may be executed.

Look at someone like Arafat. Even in childhood he played “general”, having other children march before him. He was a military flunkie in the Egyptian army (it’s not even known that he saw any action), but he would – as an adult – pretend to be a “general”. Who can forget his interview with Ted Koppel on Nightline a few years back? Asked a pointed question, Arafat threw a tantrum lecturing Koppel that he was talking to “General Yasser Arafat”. (Note further that whereas Arafat compared himself to General George Washington, he never made the transition to compare himself to President Washington.)

Consider that in Gaza the price of an M-16 could feed about 5,000 children. What does it tell us about groups like Hamas that they prefer to kill a few Jews (primarily innocent civilians), even martyr themselves, than to feed their children?

Technology transforming the Arab world - cf. Assad
Ultimately, it's a war of ideas, not bombs. Assad seems to be the first Arab "leader" (aka evil overlord) who finally gets it. Too late.

What this REALLY means is that when people have the possibility of getting information from multiple sources, in the long run, they'll choose what makes really sense. They will reject collectivism and government monopoly.

For now, they see that people in the west live damn much better than they do and that they don't really need a dictator or "strong government" to tell them how to live.
There is nothing more terrifying for rulers and ideologies than the free flow of information.

Great, we may yet see a free and prosperous Arab world within our lifetime. One that does not need external conflict to repress internal unrest.

Racism in Mauritanian Islam
Causes of Slavery
Slavery has been a part of Mauritanian society for centuries. 800 years ago, Arab and Berber tribes descended from the Mediterranean peninsula and launched slave raids against the indigenous African population, abducting women and children as slaves. Those enslaved were converted to Islam and raised to believe that their religious duty was to serve their masters faithfully. Slaves were taught that because of their impure dark skin they were forbidden from touching the Koran, praying in the mosque, and attending school. The saying "paradise under your master's foot" embodied the notion that the path to salvation was through loyal servitude.
Slaves in Embassies
While Christianity was once used in a similar manner to justify slavery to Africans ensnared by the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Mauritania's system persists today in the 21st century. Moors still hold "haratine" slaves, descendants of those abducted centuries ago.

Slaves are bought and sold, branded and bred, and even given to the poor as an act of charity. Some are trafficked to Gulf states or even serve in embassies around the world.

Black slavery is simply an integral part of Mauritanian society, with slaves performing all sorts of physical labor. Mauritania has theoretically outlawed slavery three times, most recently with a military edict in 1980. But local Islamic courts rarely enforce anti-slavery statutes, and there is no evidence of widespread emancipation.

Modern day slavery
Common characteristics distinguish slavery from other human rights violations. A slave is:

•forced to work -- through mental or physical threat;

•owned or controlled by an 'employer', usually through mental or physical abuse or threatened abuse;

•dehumanised, treated as a commodity or bought and sold as 'property';

•physically constrained or has restrictions placed on his/her freedom of movement.

I want to bring special attention to this:

Early and forced marriage affects women and girls who are married without choice and are forced into lives of servitude often accompanied by physical violence.

What types of slavery exist today?

Bonded labour affects at least 20 million* people around the world. People become bonded labourers by taking or being tricked into taking a loan for as little as the cost of medicine for a sick child. To repay the debt, many are forced to work long hours, seven days a week, up to 365 days a year. They receive basic food and shelter as 'payment' for their work, but may never pay off the loan, which can be passed down for generations.

Early and forced marriage affects women and girls who are married without choice and are forced into lives of servitude often accompanied by physical violence.
Forced labour affects people who are illegally recruited by individuals, governments or political parties and forced to work -- usually under threat of violence or other penalties.

Slavery by descent is where people are either born into a slave class or are from a 'group' that society views as suited to being used as slave labour.
Trafficking involves the transport and/or trade of people -- women, children and men -- from one area to another for the purpose of forcing them into slavery conditions.

Worst forms of child labour affects an estimated 179 million** children around the world in work that is harmful to their health and welfare.

Isn’t this the fate of too many women and children? Sold as slaves in Islamic countries? As prostitute in the West and in Asia? As labour in Africa?

Iraq and Muslim killings

They kill muslims, you know.
The majority of those killed in Iraq are muslims. The majority of the killing is done by the so-called "insurgents".

They kill muslims, you know.

They kill hundreds, thousands, now perhaps tens of thousands of muslims. They blow up holy mosques of greater antiquity and perhaps cultural value than Notre Dame or the Haga Sophia.

They set bombs in markets, to kill women and their following children as they shop for their daily bread.

They kill muslims, you know.

They kill Iraqi patriots. They enter the homes of Iraqi policemen and national guardsmen and kidnap them/ violate thier women. There are dozens of videos of Iraqis being beheaded by these barbarians here

If more muslims would watch these videos maybe they would stop supporting the terrorists. The terrorists kill nearly indescriminately. One of the videos, the man spoke to the camera, he was brave and never begged for his life. He told his father and his uncle that he loved them, and explained that he had been taken hostage because he had been seen selling refreshments to the people waiting to enter the American base.

The cowards couldn't hope to catch an American soldier, or in this case even an Iraqi one, so they picked up a poor guy off of the street, put a camera in front of his face, then read a long statement about the "fate of those" who help the Americans, followed by the "wrath of allah" and that poor, poor young man having his head sawed off with a knife to shouts of "allahu akbar".

Because I can speak and understand Arabic, the video was even more senseless. I can't imagine what these terrorists were trying to accomplish by filming such an act. I don't understand how it could possibly win support for thier cause. It showed them for what they are: Filthy Barbarians.

I can't find that one, but here they are killing an Iraqi Patriot[], a fellow muslim.

here[] they behead another brave Iraqi soldier.

here[] they cheer "allahu akbar" as they blow up people, muslim people, waiting in line to vote and decide their own futures.

Quran talks of prisioner of war. It says dont torture women and children of the province u win. And do take proper care of POW.

If you are to treat prisoners with dignity, then would you say that these executions carried out by the terrorists in Iraq are unislamic?

"In pursuance of Mahomet's commands the citizens of Medina and such of the refugees as possessed houses received the prisoners and treated them with much consideration. 'Blessings be on the men of Medina', said one of these prisoners in later days, 'they made us ride while they themselves walked; they gave us wheaten bread to eat when there was little of it, contenting themselves with dates." []

Iraq will be a completely independent state as soon as the government is strong enough to deal with the current problems. The coalition forces are working as hard as they can to create stability so that they can leave. The public here doesn't like our troops being killed for the sake of the citizens of another country.

Take a look at the video. These terrorists are murderers. They're killing muslims. They're killing muslims! You will never, ever find any video of coalition forces cutting off the head of a man. That just doesn't happen. It's very sad that it is done by these animals, and you need to realize that the terrorists are animals. They kill your brother muslims because they're too weak and cowardly to capture any Americans.

Male captives might be killed or enslaved, whatever their religious affiliation. (People of the Book were not protected by Islamic law until they had accepted dhimma.) Captives might also be given the choice between Islam and death, or they might pronounce the confession of faith of their own accord to avoid execution: jurists ruled that their change of status was to be accepted even though they had only converted out of fear. Women and children captured in the course of the campaigns were usually enslaved, again regardless of their faith. Nor should the importance of captives be underestimated. Muslim warriors routinely took large numbers of them. Leaving aside those who converted to avoid execution, some were ransomed and the rest enslaved, usually for domestic use. (Patricia Crone. God’s Rule: Government and Islam. New York: Columbia University Press, 2004, pp. 371-72)

These terrorists are breaking the faith. They are violating islam. They are executing muslims.

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