Monday, 13 September 2010

EDL - American and Saudi Embassy - 11th September 2010

Just when we thought that the Islamic community would show some respect during the September 11th remembrance, the utterly evil fanatic lunatics of MAC (Muslims against Crusade) - which is in fact a reborn Islam4UK headed by the sickening benefit claimant Anjem Choudary, decided to burn the American flag on that sacred day, and outside the American Embassy, while the British Police just looked on.

The EDL marched through the city to the American Embassy to lay reefs for the victims of this insane Islamic attack on the Twin Towers, and carried out a 2 minutes silence to remember those innocent civilians who were callously murdered, when some Muslim fanatics hijacked a couple of planes and hit the buildings. All this of course, financed by the Saudi government.

Muslims have been doing this for centuries. They attack our countries and cities, murder our people, and then build tasteless mosques on these sacred murder grounds in order to gloat. This audacity is typical of Islam, and our tolerance is reaching boiling point now.

While most of the idiotic and insensitive Leftist (scum) media goes around labelling the EDL as racist and fascist thugs, their friends, the Muslim fanatics (scum) were the ones behaving in such manner, desecrating the US flag and shouting "Democracy go to Hell", amongst other pathetic chants, that only retards can come up with.

One of their placards also said: "Jesus will destroy the cross and follow Islam", which in my opinion is very insulting to the Christian population of Great Britain. And yet, the British (hypocrite) police did not arrest these people, even though they were blatantly and evidently inciting Religious hate.

The police penned the EDL in and did not allow them to carry out their work, which was to stop this horrific and disgraceful expression of pure putrid hatred in our streets on such a sacred day.
In my view, the Met police now deserves nothing but only our contempt.
I said it before and I will say it again: TOLERANCE AGAINST EVIL IS A CRIME. They will do well in paying attention to this. In my view now the Police is criminal and as such should be treated with disdain.
They have betrayed the British people that pay their wages, and as such they have forsaken their right to be treated with respect.

So here is the EDL showing exactly what they think of the Islamic radical filth.
They have burned their shahada flags, several of them, while chanting "Muslim bombers off our streets!"


christian soldier said...

I thought you had stopped blogging-then- found your new? site...
Hope all is well.

Emaleth said...

Hey there!! No, I did not stop. I just moved my blog site. :)
Thanks for visiting dear!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that fanatical Anjem git is on benefits. Bugger used to be a solicitor.
Is it true that the ones with 4 wives get UK state benefits for the extra wives and kids or did Cameron do away with that inviatation to outbreed other Brits?