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Satan the Great!


Many of us have heard and read stories about this elusive figure
that they call Satan.
Religious people, zealots and ignorants alike have a lot in common: They believe blindly in the demonization of Satan, the Lord of Justice. The prosecutor who is said to preside over the court of G-d.

He has been called:
Evil one
Fallen one
Unclean one

But none of these names give justice to this phenomenal character that we all call Satan.
I will start with the first time that Iblis is mentioned in the Qu'ran (as this is to prove to Muslims how phenomenal Satan truly is) and will be his defender, for Iblis is honorable, truthful, mischievious, smart and wise!

Al-Baqara 2:34

And behold, We said to the angels: "Bow down to Adam:" and they bowed down: not so Iblis: he refused and was haughty: he was of those who reject Faith.

Here is Allah's FIRST INSULT towards Iblis. Calling him a rejector of faith, simply because he wouldn't bow down to a MAN.

Al-Hijr 15 [28]

Behold! thy Lord said to the angels: "I am about to create man, from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape;

[29] "When I have fashioned him (in due proportion) and breathed into him of My spirit, fall ye down in obeisance unto him."

[30] So the angels prostrated themselves, all of them together:

[31] Not so Iblis: he refused to be among those who prostrated themselves.

[32] (Allah) said: "O Iblis! what is your reason for not being among those who prostrated themselves?"

[33] (Iblis) said: "I am not one to prostrate myself to man, whom Thou didst create from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape."

Here Iblis is stating his reason. He is not one to prostrate to man, as Iblis is SUPERIOR to man.

[34] (Allah) said: "Then get thee out from here: for thou art rejected, accursed.

Here Allah CURSES and REJECTS his own creation for not bowing to a MAN made of clay.

[35] "And the Curse shall be on thee till the Day of Judgment."

Again, Allah exaggerates his punishment for his EGO being hurt, and CURSES Iblis again for the second time. Iblis so far has not cursed anyone.
[36] (Iblis) said: "O my Lord! give me then respite till the Day the (dead) are raised."

[37] (Allah) said: "Respite is granted thee,

[38] "Till the Day of the Time Appointed."

[39] (Iblis) said: "O my Lord! because Thou hast put me in the wrong, I will make (wrong) fair-seeming to them on the earth, and I will put them all in the wrong

Here we see Iblis telling Allah to give him respite until the day the dead are raised (Which is never.. clever Iblis!!) And Allah AGREES to it!
Not only Allah agrees to it IMMEDIATELY, making a mockery of his own punishment to Iblis, but he is also intimidated by Iblis, when Iblis says that because ALLAH has put him (Iblis) in the wrong, i.e. DECEIVED HIM, he will put everyone in the wrong too.

[40] "Except Thy servants among them, sincere and purified (by Thy grace)."

Iblis tells Allah that he will put everyone in the wrong, EXCEPT for those SERVANTS of Allah, who are SINCERE and PURIFIED by his grace!

[41] (Allah) said: "This (Way of My sincere servants) is indeed a Way that leads straight to Me.

[42] "For over My servants no authority shalt thou have, except such as put themselves in the wrong and follow thee."

And here Allah tells Iblis that Iblis shall NOT have any authority over the servants of Allah EXCEPT those "servants" who put themselves in the wrong and follow Iblis' mischiefs.

(One of them is Muhammad).

Points to note:

Allah clearly claims that Iblis will have NO AUTHORITY over his servants, but we will see from the Hadiths, and the Quran (Satanic verses) how Muhammad was under the influence of Satan, thus proving the following:

1. Allah is a liar
2. Allah has no power over Satan
3. Muhammad was a transgressor
4. Iblis does what he wants and still manages to hold positions of the highest power in HEAVEN! (Yes, heaven, not hell! For Iblis presides over the COURT OF G-D, as a judge)!
Muslims claim many things, amongst them is that Iblis was a Jinn, a creature made of fire. and not an Angel.
But Iblis seems to be the ONLY JINN who is always amongst Angels and the one who holds the highest power over them all, even over Allah!

Al-Khaf 18: 50

Behold! We said to the angels, "Bow down to Adam": they bowed down except Iblis. He was one of the Jinns, and he broke the Command of his Lord. Will ye then take him and his progeny as protectors rather than Me? and they are enemies to you! evil would be the exchange for the wrong-doers!

Here the Quran says that Allah told the ANGELS to bow down to Adam (Not to Jinns), and they did, but Iblis did not, for he was a JINN (Therefore the command did not apply to him). Nevertheless, we see Allah criticizing Iblis once again and LYING. "he broke the Command of his Lord".

Iblis did not break the command because he was a JINN, not an Angel, therefore he was 100% correct in not bowing down, as the command was for ANGELS, not Jinns. But unfortunately this miscarriage of justice BY ALLAH, did not stop Allah from insulting Iblis, and treating him with disdain, and a total lack of respect, despite being one of his own creations.
Ibn Humayd gave us about the same account again, reporting from Salamah- Ibn Ishaq- Khallad b. `Ata'- Tawus or Abu al-Hajjaj Mujahid- Ibn `Abbas, and others.
However, he said: (Iblis) was an angel named Azazil. He was one of the dwellers and cultivators on earth. The dwellers on earth from among the angel used to be called jinn." (Ibid., p. 254)

Iblis' name was in Arabic AZAZIL. In Hebrew he is called AZAZEL, and G-d honors him.
The Torah tells us that G-d tells the Hebrews to always send a FREE GOAT to the deserts whenever they sacrifice, as a gift for Azazel. G-d tells the Hebrews that Azazel's gift must be a goat set free in the desert and NOT KILLED. But G-d's gifts are KILLED as sacrifices.

This means that G-d is only happy with the shedding of blood, and requires killing sacrifices. But Iblis/Azazel does not. He prefers that creatures be set free as a gift to honor him! How beautiful is that?

Ancient Hebrew/Jewish ritual for YHVH and AZAZEL:

In Lev. xvi. the single allusion to Azazel is as follows:

On the tenth day of Tishri (see Atonement Day) the high priest, after first performing the prescribed sacrifices for himself and his family, presented the victims for the sins of the people. These were a ram for a burnt offering, and two young goats for a sin-offering. Having brought the goats before Yhwh at the door of the tabernacle, he cast lots for them, the one lot "for Yhwh" and the other "for Azazel." The goat that fell to Yhwh was slain as a sin-offering for the people.

But the goat of Azazel (now usually known as the "scapegoat") was made the subject of a more striking ceremony. The high priest laid his hands upon its head and confessed over it the sins of the people. Then the victim was handed over to a man standing ready for the purpose, and, laden as it was with these imputed sins, it was "led forth to an isolated region," and then let go in the wilderness.

So now we have seen that even G-d HONORS Iblis/Azazel with sacrifices.
Funny that, because most of the people think that G-d hates Satan, and that he is G-d's enemy. Obviously this is not the case. In fact, Satan is G-d's best friend, as he has kept him in business all these years!

Continuing with the SCRIPTURAL EVIDENCE that G-d honors Satan:

The two goats on Yom Kippur; the mitzvah is for them to be identical in appearance, size, and value, the two shall be chosen together. (Talmud - Yoma 62a)

The Talmud teaches that these two goats should look identical -- like twins. This seems strange. Why would the goats need to be identical, especially when their purpose is so different? (Perhaps because Satan is the TWIN of G-d?)

The origin of the two goats themselves is found in that famous episode when Jacob (Yaqub) is persuaded by his mother to dress up like his brother. Rebecca (his wife) instructs him:

"Go now to the herd and bring me two good goats..." (Genesis 27:9)

Two GOOD goats she says. So one for the sacrifice to YHVH and one to be set FREE for Azazel.

Just a small note:

Azazel means: "G-d strengthens" from Hebrew root AZAZ. So in fact Iblis seems to be a very strong character who is fully worthy of sacrifices, not killed sacrifices, but living ones, and the "GOAT FOR AZAZEL" is always offered together with the goat to YHVH.

Satan as he first appears in the Hebrew Bible, is not necessarily evil, much less opposed to G-d.
On the contrary, he appears in the book of Numbers and in Job as one of G-d’s obedient servants – a messenger, or angel, a word that translates the Hebrew term for messenger mal’akh into Greek angelos.

In Hebrew, the angels were called ‘sons of G-d’ Bnei Elohim, and were envisioned as the hierarchical ranks of a great army, or the staff of a royal court.

Satan - Merciful to animals

The story of Balaam in the biblical book of Numbers, for example, tells of a man who decided to go where G-d had ordered him not to go.

Balaam saddled his ass and set off, ‘but G-d’s anger was kindled because he went; and the angel of the Lord took his stand in the road as his Satan’ that is, as his adversary, or his obstructor.

This supernatural messenger remained invisible to Balaam, but the ass saw him and stopped in her tracks … [22:23-25 follows]

The third time the ass saw the obstructing angel, she stopped and lay down under Balaam, ‘and Balaam’s anger was kindled, and he struck the ass with his staff.’

Then, the story continues [22:28-30 follows] … Then ‘the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way, with his drawn sword in his hand, and he bowed his head and fell on his face.’ Then the satan rebukes Balaam, and speaks for his master, the Lord:

‘Why have you struck your ass three times? Behold, I came here to oppose you, because your way is evil in my eyes; and the ass saw me. … If she had not turned away from me, I would surely have killed you right then, and let her live’ (22:31-33).

Here is Satan rebuking Balaam for HITTING his she-donkey!!

Now, can you see that SATAN is merciful? Iblis is more merciful than Allah indeed!

Points to note now:

1. Iblis prefers FREE animals as a sacrifice. G-d wants them bleeding and DEAD.
2. Iblis is merciful. Allah is not.

Satan in the book of Job

The book of Job, too, describes the satan as a supernatural messenger, a member of G-d’s royal court. But while Balaam’s satan protects him from harm, Job’s satan takes a more adversarial role.

Here the Lord himself admits that the satan incited him to act against Job (2:3).

How can SATAN have so much influence over G-d in order to make G-d hurt his own creations?

The story begins when satan appears as an angel, a ‘son of G-d’ - Bnei Elohim, a term that, in Hebrew idiom, often means ‘one of the divine beings.’ Here this angel, satan, comes with the rest of the heavenly host on the day appointed for them to ‘present themselves before the Lord.’

When the Lord asks whence he comes, satan answers, ‘From roaming on the earth, and walking up and down on it.’

Point to note: G-d is supposed to KNOW everything, so why did he ask Satan where he has been? lol!
Also, as you can see, Satan was NOT confined to hell or in chains, he was ROAMING the Earth, free as a bird.

Here the storyteller gives the idea that satan’s special role in the heavenly court is that of a kind of roving intelligence agent, like the secret police and intelligence officers.

Here satan terrifies and harms a person but, like the angel of death, remains an angel, a member of the heavenly court, G-d’s obedient servant.

It does not matter what Satan does, he is always doing what he is supposed to do. He encourages G-d to hurt some, he saves the ones he wills, and he prosecutes the ones he does not approve of. And G-d ALWAYS accepts his judgments, because Satan is his spy, and his mischievous best friend.
I mention TOBIT Chapter 12, where we have an Angel that serves Iblis and does his job when he is busy. His name is RAPHAEL, whose name means: G-d has healed.

The story goes that Tobit was a righteous man and always did the right things. I quote from the Bible:

{1:19} Every day, Tobit traveled though all his own people, and he consoled them, and he distributed to each one as much as he could from his resources.

{1:20} He nourished the hungry, and he supplied clothes to the naked, and he showed concern for the burial of the dead and of the slain.

{1:21} And then, when king Sennacherib had returned from Judea, fleeing the scourge which God had caused all around him because of his blasphemy, and, being angry, he was slaughtering many from the sons of Israel, Tobit buried their bodies.

{1:22} And when it was reported to the king, he ordered him to be slain, and he took away all his belongings.

{1:23} In truth, Tobit, fleeing with nothing but his son and his wife, was able to remain hidden because many loved him.

{1:24} In truth, after forty-five days, the king was slain by his own sons,

{1:25} and Tobit was able to return to his house, and all his resources were restored to him.

The story is here for the ones who are interested: Please read it all, it is really interesting!

But I am coming to the point now:

See how G-d was BAD towards Tobit:

{2:10} But it happened one day, being tired from burying the dead, he came into his house, and he threw himself down next to the wall, and he slept.

{2:11} And, as he was sleeping, warm droppings from a swallow’s nest fell upon his eyes, and he was made blind.

{2:12} And so the Lord permitted this trial to befall him, in order that an example might be given to posterity of his patience, which is even like that of holy Job.
So, Tobit was a good man, always putting his life at risk to bury the dead, and one day, he becomes blind and G-d ALLOWS IT, in order to TEST his patience!

Are you following? See how EVIL this G-d is, as he should already KNOW IT ALL, but obviously he does not.

The story continues:

{2:19} In truth, his wife Anna went out to weaving work daily, and she brought back the provisions that she was able to obtain by the labor of her hands.

{2:20} Whereupon it happened that, having received a young goat, she brought it home.

{2:21} When her husband heard the sound of its bleating, he said, “Look, so that it might not be stolen, return it to its owners, for it is not lawful for us either to eat, or to touch, anything stolen.”

{2:22} At this, his wife, being angry, answered, “Clearly, your hope has become vanity, and the manner of your almsgiving has become apparent.”

{2:23} And with these and other similar such words, she reproached him.

Here we see a case of DISCORD at home. Because Tobit became BLIND, and G-d allowed it, his wife had to work very hard in order to obtain FOOD.

You can read the verses in between as i am jumping a few to make a point

{3:7} And so, on the same day, it happened that Sarah, the daughter of Raguel, in Rages, a city of the Medes, also heard a reproach from one of her father’s servant maids.

{3:8} For she had been given to seven husbands, and a demon named Asmodeus had killed them, as soon as they had approached her.

Here we see that the Bible does NOT condemn a woman for having 7 husbands!
Read the verses after that.. and ..

{5:5} Then Tobias, departing, found a splendid young man, standing girded and seemingly ready for travel.

{5:6} And not knowing that he was an Angel of G-d, he greeted him, and he said, “Where are you from, good young man?”

{5:7} And so he answered, “From the sons of Israel.” And Tobias said to him, “Do you know the way that leads to the region of the Medes?”


{12:13} And because you were acceptable to G-d, it was necessary for you to be tested by trials.

{12:14} And now, the Lord has sent me to cure you, and to free Sarah, your son’s wife, from the demon.

{12:15} For I am the Angel Raphael, one of seven, who stand before the Lord.”

The link will tell the whole story, but the point in this one is that RAFAEL (Raphael) is one of the Angels who work for IBLIS / SATAN. Iblis being the Archangel.
Thus he commands these Angels to test mankind but he is MERCIFUL and always tells his angels to teach the right thing.

Iblis is superior. Jinns are superior.
Besides, it was Allah who DECEIVED him (Iblis) and punished him for obeying his first command: "Do not bow to anything but me!"

Al-Haj 26

Behold! We gave the site, to Abraham, of the (Sacred) House, (saying):
"Associate not anything (in worship) with Me; and sanctify My House for those who compass it round, or stand up, or bow, or prostrate themselves (therein in prayer).

Therefore BOWING to MAN is associating him with WORSHIP.

Allah is most deceiving. Allah has given UNLAWFUL commands to Angels, and to Iblis, and for this error, he is suffering the constant bullying and mischiefs of Iblis, for Allah has NO POWER over Iblis. He cannot stop him.

Iblis is an angel who does the works of G-d, therefore he is G-d's helper.

Muslims blame their weaknesses on Satan, and if this is so, it means they are under his influence. Thus if they are under his influence they are not the servants of Allah, for Allah said:

[42] "For over My servants no authority shalt thou have, except such as put themselves in the wrong and follow thee."

This means that Muslims who are under the influence of Iblis are the ones who DELIBERATELY put themselves in the wrong.

That means: Muhammad, Ali, and all the rest of his gang, and also the rest of the Muslims world who commits violence and other atrocities.


2:16 God gave the man a commandment, saying, 'You may definitely eat from every tree of the garden.

2:17 But from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, do not eat, for on the day you eat from it, you will definitely die.'

So here we have the CLASSIC LIE and the DECEIT of G-D.
1. Reversed psychology.

G-d used reversed psychology (he should have known better, one would think) and pointed to the INNOCENT HUMANS the very tree they were not supposed to eat from. And it not a very important tree, it was just a tree of GOOD AND EVIL. This meant G-d DID NOT WANT Humans to be aware of GOOD or EVIL.

WHY??? We will soon know why.

But that's not all. He also LIED. He told the humans that ON THE DAY they eat from it, they would DIE. (Surely a lie, because they did not die).

Now let's continue:


3:1 The serpent was the most cunning of all the wild beasts that God had made. [The serpent] asked the woman, 'Did God really say that you may not eat from any of the trees of the garden?'

3:2 The woman replied to the serpent, 'We may eat from the fruit of the trees of the garden.

3:3 But of the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden, God said, 'Do not eat it, and do not [even] touch it, or else you will die.' '

3:4 The serpent said to the woman, 'You will certainly not die!

3:5 Really, God knows that on the day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.'

Points to note:

a) G-d created the serpent as THE MOST CUNNING OF ALL THE WILD BEASTS.

b) The serpent told the woman SHE WOULD NOT DIE if she ate from the tree.

c) The serpent TOLD EVE THE TRUTH. And the truth was:

God knows that on the day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.'

Now, WHO is the cunning one?
Who lied??

More points to make:

1. The garden was a huge place, but the serpent was at the right place at the right time. (Strange.. G-d could NOT stop the serpent, could he?)

2. The serpent HEARD what G-d said (But it seems G-d was not aware of its presence).

3. The serpent KNEW about GOOD and EVIL, and it also knew that G-d was HIDING this from the humans.

4. If the serpent was cunning (No, the most cunning) of all the beasts, it means that it too knew GOOD and EVIL, and obviously it too ate from that tree, and G-d did NOTHING.

After that, the whole story is flawed.

Humans eat the fruit, humans realize they were naked (which is rubbish, because nakedness was not a shameful thing, and if it was, G-d himself is guilty of making it shameful), then they HEAR G-D'S VOICE, and G-d ASKS where they were hiding.

It means, G-d did not even know where they were!!

Let's see.. what does it take to BE LIKE G-D? Ahh, just to know GOOD and EVIL. Then you are LIKE G-D. So the serpent has told us the characteristic of this G-d, and from where I am standing, he surely does not seem too different from us. We know GOOD and EVIL, so WE are like G-d.

After all, we were created "at their image, after their likeness"

WHO IS G-D then?? If we were created at their image and after their likeness, it means we look like them. We don't necessarily have to behave like them, as it says nothing about behaviour. We were after all, created LIKE them, but not totally from them. They added their ESSENCE to the essence of Earthlings, or walking apes.

THIS VERY STORY was SUMERIAN, written 4,000 years before the Torah was written.

Would you believe if I told you that the Sumerians tell us that their G-Ds are actually beings from another planet, that came from the heavens in their spacecrafts?

It's all true. This is precisely what they told us. They are called ANUNNAKI. (Those who from heaven to earth came).

Now, whether we believe or not, is another story, but they tell us just that. And there is no need to interpret anything, just read and enjoy the read, for you shall find many mysterious things there, and they will open your eyes, like the fruit Adam and Eve have eaten.

So, in reality these "beings" were "divine" if you like to call them that, and obviously a hell of a lot wiser and more knowledgeable than the humans THEY CREATED. In fact it was the GODDESS NINMAH. (Not a man, not a G-d, but a GODDESS).

She was a GENETICIST. She performed GENETICAL MANIPULATION, DNA CLONING and was a doctor.

Now, how is that for a people who lived around 6,000 BC?

Then, 4,000 years later comes the Hebrew tribe and they create their own stories COPYING every single thing (Genesis) from their book.

The rest of the Torah is NOT copied. Some of it is true Historical accounts, and although many of the events were true, they DID NOT apply to the Hebrew people to a certain degree.

Anyway... I don't want to destroy your faith or belief, so believe in what you want.

Now, that is NOT to say the whole Torah is false. NO WAY. Because it is NOT.

In fact the stories (most of them) are really true. The only difference is that they did not apply exclusively to the JEWS. The Jews were merely telling Sumerian stories of creation, and then they MERGED these stories with their own stories.

Now, whoever interpreted these stories was an idiot, because the information contained in the Torah is a goldmine for those who are truly capable to understand it, to read it, WITHOUT making the mistake of interpreting it.

Many have learned the INTERPRETED Torah, therefore although you may know what it says, you do not comprehend, and instead of accepting the stories, you search to TWIST their meanings to make these things sound as if they were bad.

The Snake was HONEST. He said the truth. (His name was ENKI. He was the G-d Enki of the Sumerians.)

G-d himself was ENLIL (Brother of Enki).

Enlil was the leader of the G-ds (say the CEO). Enki, despite being older was the second in command, because his real job was to be a GENETICIST, amongst other things, like THEIR SISTER, NINMAH.

ENKI, ENLIL & NINMAH = Brothers and sister, the ones in command of the Earth Mission.

These were OUR first G-ds.

Monotheism only started when these g-ds fell out with one another.


Galzu tells Enki (depicted with his snake icon) to warn Ziasudra (touching the "wall"--probably a computer bank, depicted with Xs across the screens and slots for programs) of the Flood. Galzu guides Enki's arm to convey tablet (possibly a computer or holo disk. The disk is shown leaving Enki's hand en route to Ziasudra's computer) [Drawing from Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: page 194.]

- Morrigan -


Black Pete said...

Why do you take any value in muslim scriptures?

I thought Jews didn't believe is satan as the devil to start with, why try proving satan is not the devil with Jewish scriptures?

Isn't 'elohim' plural of 'el'?

Ayalah said...

Black Pete,

This is not about taking Muslim scripture as having any value. I was just pointing out the inconsistencies in Islamic scripture in regards to Satan. Jews do not believe in the Devil.
I also used Jewish scriptures to prove Azazel is not evil/devil as others may think.

Yes, Elohim is the plural of El. However some Jewish scholars disagree as they claim the word Elohim is a royal plural.

Please refer to my other topic on the Anunnaki for more clarification on the word Elohim.