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Farzan Ahmed - Muslim Nazi employed by Calderdale Council

Hat tip: Jewish Defence League UK

Farzan Ahmed - Calderdale council Nazi Jew hater Muslim scum

EDL News is on a server that belongs to a Muslim who 
is linked to several personalities including the nasty 
weasel Robin Tuddenham from Calderdale council.

The Chair of the local BME (Black, Minority, Ethnic) Network 
in Calderdale - who also sits on the police race hate scrutiny 
panels and the Equality Forum in Calderdale (which Forum is 
administered by officers of the Council under Robin Tuddenham)
is a Muslim called Farzan Ahmed.

Mr Ahmed has an interesting profile which may be viewed at 
You will see that he makes repeated issue of his having 
assisted the authorities in dealing with the "far right, extremist" 
EDL demo in Halifax.

If you check his Facebook out  - 
you will see many activities and interests listed - 
not least amongst 
which are 'British Muslims Against Zionism' - 
'Muslim Defence League' - 'Palestine Defence League' - 
'Stop Killing Children of Palestine' and 'Free Palestine'. 
These are truly hate-mongering Facebook pages.

Now ...if you check 'Free Palestine' out on Facebook you will see 
not just the usual anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist crap expressed but 
also blatantly anti-Jewish sentiment and if you click on the advertised 
web-site in the information section of 'Free Palestine' - this takes you to a hard-core 
rabidly anti-Jewish, openly Islamist and Hamas supporting web-site.

Mr Ahmed is a colleague of Sail Suleman's on the Race/Faith Hate 
Scrutiny Panels and has direct e-mail and other agency networking 
links with him.

So there we have it:

Farzan Ahmed, the Chair of the BME Network, sits on a policy
 Forum administered by Robin Tuddenham, has close links with 
Sail Suleman and Calderdale Muslim councillors and publicly 
expresses his like of anti-Zionist Facebook pages - at least one 
of which directly links to a hard-core Islamist and anti-Jewish 
Hamas supporting website.( I have not checked the links on the 
other 200 plus pages).

He also runs quite a few web-sites himself including a religious 
website -

As I see it Calderdale Council and its agencies have become 
thoroughly infiltrated by anti-Zionist and Islamist elements and 
this is why anti-semitic films, child exploitation and fund-raising 
events of late have been allowed to be promoted and hosted using 
public monies.

Calderdale Council and other such local agencies are happy to
facilitate anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish propaganda because it 
already engages with, respectabilises and allows itself to be 
advised by such people as openly flaunt - no doubt in mentoring 
to others - their interest in virulently Islamist and rabidly 
anti-Jewish websites.

These Muslim Nazis are linked to the EXPOSE group and Calderdale 
council and its employees have once again been exposed 
as the Jew hating vermin that they are.

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Wednesday, 2 February 2011


The injustice applied against this Hero that is Jonathan Pollard, is a disgrace that muddles the USA.

This man has been serving 26 years of a life sentence so far, while being totally innocent of the made up charges.

Thousands of letters were already written to the several presidents of the United States of America, demanding his release. So why are they still keeping him in prison?

This exposes the bias and the disgraceful behaviour of the US government towards not only Israel, but their supporters too.

Here are the facts surrounding the Pollard case:

  1. Jonathan Pollard was a civilian American Naval intelligence analyst. In the mid 1980's (circa 1983-1984), Pollard discovered that information vital to Israel's security was being deliberately withheld by certain elements within the U.S. national security establishment.

  2. Israel was legally entitled to this vital security information according to a 1983 Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries.

  3. The information being withheld from Israel included Syrian, Iraqi, Libyan and Iranian nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare capabilities - being developed for use against Israel. It also included information on ballistic missile development by these countries and information on planned terrorist attacks against Israeli civilian targets.

  4. When Pollard discovered this suppression of information and asked his superiors about it, he was told to "mind his own business", and that "Jews get nervous talking about poison gas; they don't need to know."

    He also learned that the objective of cutting off the flow of information to Israel was to severely curtail Israel's ability to act independently in defense of her own interests.

  5. Pollard was painfully aware that Israeli lives were being put in jeopardy as a result of this undeclared intelligence embargo. He did everything he possibly could to stop this covert policy and to have the legal flow of information to Israel restored. When his efforts met no success, he began to give the information to Israel directly.

  6. Jonathan Pollard was an ideologue, not a mercenary. The FBI concluded after nine months of polygraphing that Pollard acted for ideological reasons only, not for profit. This fact was recognized by the sentencing judge who declined to fine Pollard. (See the addendum for further details.)

    Furthermore, on May 11, 1998, Israel formally acknowledged Jonathan Pollard had been a bona fide Israeli agent. This fact wiped out any remaining doubt about Jonathan Pollard's motives. Being an official agent is, by definition, the polar opposite of being a mercenary.

  7. In 1985, his actions were discovered by the U.S. government. His instructions from Israel were to seek refuge in the Israeli embassy in Washington. When Pollard and his former wife sought refuge there, they were at first received and then summarily thrown out into the waiting arms of the FBI.

  8. Jonathan Pollard never had a trial. At the request of both the U.S. and Israeli governments, he entered into a plea agreement, which spared both governments a long, difficult, expensive and potentially embarrassing trial.

  9. Jonathan Pollard fulfilled his end of the plea agreement, cooperating fully with the prosecution.

  10. Nevertheless, Pollard received a life sentence and a recommendation that he never be paroled - in complete violation of the plea agreement he had reached with the government.

  11. Jonathan Pollard was never indicted for harming the United States.

  12. Jonathan Pollard was never indicted for compromising codes, agents, or war plans.

  13. Jonathan Pollard was never charged with treason. [Legally, treason is a charge that is only applicable when one spies for an enemy state in time of war.]

  14. Jonathan Pollard was indicted on only one charge: one count of passing classified information to an ally, without intent to harm the United States.

  15. Prior to sentencing, then-Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger delivered a 46-page classified memorandum to the sentencing judge. Since then, neither Pollard nor any of his cleared attorneys have ever been allowed to access the memorandum to challenge the false charges it contains-a clear violation of Pollard's constitutional rights.

    The day before sentencing, Weinberger delivered a four-page supplemental memorandum to the sentencing judge. In it, he falsely accused Pollard of treason. Also in the supplemental memorandum, Weinberger advocated a life sentence in clear violation of Pollard's plea agreement. The implication that follows from Weinberger's false characterization of Pollard's offense as "treason" is that the country Pollard served, Israel, is an enemy state.

  16. Pollard was shown the supplemental Weinberger memorandum only once, just moments before sentencing - hardly adequate time to prepare an appropriate defense to rebut the false accusations in it.

  17. No one else in the history of the United States has ever received a life sentence for passing classified information to an ally - only Jonathan Pollard. The median sentence for this offense is two to four years. Even agents who have committed far more serious offenses on behalf of hostile nations have not received such a harsh sentence.

  18. Pollard's attorney never appealed from the life sentence. The time to file for such an appeal was within ten days of sentencing. Years later, with a different attorney, Pollard filed a habeas corpus challenge to the sentence.

    The Court of Appeals, in a two-to-one decision, rejected the challenge, largely on procedural grounds.

    The majority placed heavy emphasis on the failure to appeal from the life sentence in a timely manner, and on the resulting far heavier burden faced by Pollard in seeking to challenge the sentence via habeas corpus. [Note: "Habeas corpus" is a procedure by which an incarcerated person may bring a court challenge to the legality of his or her incarceration - often long after the underlying case has been concluded.]

    In a dissenting opinion, Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Williams called the case "a fundamental miscarriage of justice," and wrote that he would have ordered that Pollard's sentence be vacated.

  19. In November 1995, Israel granted Jonathan Pollard Israeli citizenship. The official presentation took place in January of 1996. This publicly signaled to the U.S. Israel's willingness to accept full responsibility for Pollard.

  20. U.S. government sources falsely accuse Pollard in the media of passing "rooms full of classified information" and "hundreds of thousands of documents" to Israel. This volume of information is an absurdity! Pollard would have needed to make numerous "drops" using a moving van to have transferred such a large volume of information. In actual fact, Jonathan Pollard made a grand total of eleven "drops" to the Israelis, using only a small briefcase to hold the documents.

  21. The government used an insidious formula to exaggerate the volume of information that Jonathan Pollard passed to Israel. The formula was: if only one page or a single sentence of a document was passed to the Israelis, it was counted as if the whole document had been transmitted. Even referenced documents and sources were counted as having been transmitted in toto. Using this calculation, a single page could be counted as 50 hard-bound 500 page volumes!

  22. There is no Mr. "X".

    The CIA claim that another highly-placed spy in the U.S. had to exist in order to give Jonathan Pollard his highly specific tasking orders is a complete fabrication. To understand how Pollard was tasked by Israel to secure specific documents, see: Was there another U.S. spy tasking Pollard? - Mr. ‘X' Exposed.

  23. On May 12, 1998 , in the same statement in which the Government of Israel publicly acknowledged Jonathan Pollard as an Israeli agent, it accepted full responsibility for him, and indicated its commitment to securing his release and repatriation to Israel.

  24. Jonathan Pollard has repeatedly expressed his remorse publicly and in private letters to the President and others. He regrets having broken the law, and is sorry he did not find a legal means to act upon his concerns for Israel. (See Remorse Page.)

  25. Jonathan Pollard has been openly linked to the Middle East Peace Process since 1995.

    The Israeli government recognized long ago that Jonathan's sentence was unjust, that the documents he delivered to Israel did not remotely cause the damage that the prosecution claimed but never proved. As a result of this recognition, various Israeli administrations have negotiated, as a matter of basic fairness, to secure Jonathan's release.

    Since 1995, within the context of the peace process, the US has repeatedly exploited the plight of Jonathan Pollard to extract heavy concessions from Israel.

    However despite express promises made by the United States to Israel, Jonathan Pollard remains in jail.

  26. It was the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin who, in 1995, first began openly to negotiate for Jonathan's release as part of the peace process.

    Although President Clinton promised Prime Minister Rabin that he would release Jonathan as part of a Middle East peace settlement, the President refused to honor his promise after Rabin was assassinated.

  27. Rabin's successor, Prime Minister Shimon Peres, continued to link Jonathan to the peace process, and even went so far as to include a spy swap proposal as part of the deal for Pollard's release.

  28. The Wye Plantation summit is a prime example of U.S. exploitation of Jonathan Pollard.

    Both before and again during the Wye summit negotiations in the fall of 1998, President Clinton promised to release Jonathan Pollard. Pollard was the deal-maker at Wye which enabled the accords to be completed.

  29. At the last minute, with the eyes of the world focused on the Wye Accords signing ceremony which was about to take place in Washington, Clinton reneged on Pollard's release, creating a storm of negative publicity for Israel.

  30. How the Wye fiasco came about:

    In September, 1998, just before the mid-term Congressional elections, President Clinton (who at the time was facing impeachment hearings and in need of a foreign policy PR victory) asked Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to attend a three-way summit with the Palestinians at Wye River, Maryland.

    Clinton knew that a successful summit at Wye just before the Congressional elections would be good not only for his image, but would also reap great political benefits for the Democrats in their bid to regain control of Congress. As an inducement to Netanyahu, Clinton promised to release Jonathan Pollard within the context of the summit.

    Understanding the value of Jonathan Pollard for his own re-election bid, and needing him as a sweetener to sell any kind of "peace" deal to the Israeli people, Netanyahu ignored the entreaties of Republican friends like Newt Gingrich and agreed to attend the summit. (Gingrich would later repay Netanyahu by leading the Republican charge of slander and lies against Jonathan Pollard.)

  31. Once the Wye summit was underway, Clinton quickly "forgot" his promise to free Jonathan Pollard and there was little Netanyahu could do.

  32. Talks at Wye broke down over the release of Palestinian murderers with Jewish blood on their hands and over Israel's request for the extradition of Ghazi Jabali, the chief of Police in Gaza who was wanted for his role in planning and executing terrorist attacks in Israel.

  33. To break the stalemate, the Palestinians suggested Jonathan Pollard as the solution. They proposed that Pollard be sold to Netanyahu once again: the US would give Jonathan to Israel in return for Israel's freeing of hundreds of Palestinian terrorists and immunity for Ghazi Jabali.

  34. The US and Israel agreed to the Palestinian plan to swap Pollard for terrorists and murderers.

    President Clinton personally worked out the details of the deal in a late-night private session with a Palestinian and an Israeli representative.

  35. According to the deal, Prime Minister Netanyahu was to receive a side letter from President Clinton the next morning (one of approximately 30 side letters the Americans had promised) guaranteeing Pollard's release for November 11, 1998, one week after the US House elections.

    The Pollard negotiation was the deal-maker at Wye which allowed the summit to be successfully wrapped up and a signing ceremony to be planned for the next morning in Washington, on Friday October 23, 1998.

  36. Only hours before the signing ceremony, P.M. Netanyahu received all of the American side-letters that had been promised to him, except one - the one guaranteeing the release of Jonathan Pollard.

    Netanyahu threatened not to attend the signing ceremony unless he got the Pollard side letter. Clinton said, "Trust me." Netanyahu, knowing he was about to be double-crossed by Clinton over Pollard for the second time, refused.

    Netanyahu demanded that in the absence of a side letter of guarantee, Pollard should be freed into his custody immediately, or no signing ceremony. Arik Sharon supported Netanyahu and they threatened to leave Wye without signing the accords.

  37. In order to take the pressure off of President Clinton, CIA chief George Tenet quickly leaked the news of Pollard's imminent release to the media in a deliberate - and ultimately successful - attempt to torpedo the deal.

    He sent emissaries to Capitol Hill to hold emergency meetings with leading Senators and Congressmen to enlist their support in publicly denouncing Pollard's release. Many lies were told by the CIA emissaries about Jonathan Pollard to convince the legislators to act swiftly and in unison. Believing the lies, the legislators complied and began an unprecedented series of public actions to prevent the release of Jonathan Pollard.

  38. Meanwhile at Wye, under heavy pressure and still fearful that Netanyahu would not back down, Clinton quickly negotiated a private fall-back position with Netanyahu: Clinton would publicly promise to do a "speedy review"of the Pollard Case and he would use that review to free Pollard a few months later, parallel to the release of the 750 Palestinian terrorists who were part of the price Israel had agreed to pay for Pollard.

    Under heavy public pressure and betrayed by his own Minister of Defense, Yitzhak Mordecai*, who closed ranks with Clinton, Netanyahu folded and accepted this private deal. The signing ceremony was held in Washington as scheduled. *(Mordecai himself is now on trial in Israel in 2001 for sexual assault.)

  39. Netanyahu's capitulation at Wye, the public spectacle of his being brought to heel by the Americans, and the lopsided deal he brought home from Wye now that Pollard was no longer perceived to be a part of it, would shortly cost him his premiership.

  40. After Wye, the White House falsely accused Netanyahu of having injected Pollard into the Wye summit at the last moment.

    However, eye witnesses to the Pollard deal at Wye, including the Israeli and the Palestinian who had negotiated the deal with Clinton and the former Israeli Cabinet Secretary, all later contradicted the White House version of events and affirmed that President Clinton had committed himself to the release of Jonathan Pollard as an integral part of the Wye Accords.

    Note: Prime Minister Netanyahu was the first prime minster of Israel to agree to free Palestinian terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands. That is the price the Americans demanded for Pollard at Wye. To this day, this represents a keen embarrassment for Netanyahu and his party, even more so since he did not receive Pollard but the Palestinian murders were released nonetheless. That is why no official source from the Netanyahu government ever wants to publicly admit to it. They keep the details to a minimum, but all concur that Pollard's freedom was bought and paid for by "concessions"at Wye.

  41. When Netanyahu returned to Israel after Wye, he created a firestorm of publicity by releasing 200 Palestinian common criminals from Israeli prisons.

    The Palestinians were outraged, and insisted that these common criminals were not the prisoners that they had bargained for at Wye. The Americans angrily protested. Netanyahu reminded the Americans that the Wye Accords do not specify exactly which prisoners Israel must release. Critics wondered if the Prime Minister had lost his mind to antagonize the Americans this way.

    Only those close to Prime Minister Netanyahu understood that this was Netanyahu's private, pointed reminder to Bill Clinton that if he was thinking of double-crossing him yet a third time over Pollard, he should think again. No Pollard, no release for the Palestinian murderers and terrorists.

    Unfortunately for Jonathan Pollard, Netanyahu's government fell before he was able to act on this.

  42. In a meeting with Netanyahu right after his electoral defeat in the Spring of 1999, Jonathan Pollard's wife, Esther, received assurances from the former prime minister that the new prime minister, Ehud Barak, had been fully briefed about what had been agreed to at Wye and about the fall-back position; that is to say, Israel had yet to free the 750 terrorists with blood on their hands and was still supposed to receive Pollard home in a "parallel gesture" from President Clinton.

  43. Not long after Barak took office, the 750 Palestinian murderers and terrorists walked out of prison as free men. Jonathan Pollard remained in his American jail cell.

  44. In an attempt to justify Clinton's reneging at Wye, a story was leaked to the press that George Tenet, a Clinton appointee, had threatened to resign as head of the CIA if Pollard were released.

    The story, though not logical, sounded plausible and it became popular to cite the opposition of the American Intelligence community as the reason Clinton did not honor his commitment at Wye to free Pollard.

    This was soon exposed as the lame excuse it was when Clinton freed a group of unrepentant FALN terrorists in the fall of 1999, in an attempt to improve his wife's popularity with New York State's Hispanic community in her election bid for the Senate. (See Senate Race Page.)

    To this day, the same lame excuse continues to be used to justify the unjustifiable failure of Clinton to honor his commitment.

  45. In September of 1999, despite strenuous opposition from all of his government advisors and agencies, President Clinton freed 14 unrepentant Puerto Rican terrorists, members of the FALN, charged with bank robbery and various acts of terrorism, including over 130 bombings in the US, and the deaths of American police officers.

    Clinton ignored a solid wall of opposition from the Justice, Intelligence and Defense departments and Congress, invoked his powers of executive clemency and set the FALN terrorists free. In doing so, he unequivocally put the lie to the notion that any government agency might tie his hands or influence his decision in matters of clemency. (See FALN Page and Clemency Page.)

  46. More than two years elapsed after Wye. President Clinton did no review. Jonathan Pollard remained in prison while the US continued to extract Israeli concessions for his release.

  47. Those who still believed the myth that it was the American Intelligence Community that was tying the hands of President Clinton, also clung to the belief he would finally honor his many promises to release Jonathan Pollard - including the commitment he had made at Wye - at the end of his term, when he could do so without fear of political reprisal.

  48. Beginning in 1991 Rabbi Mordecai Eliyahu, the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, and Jonathan's rabbi, offered himself to the U.S. Justice Department as Jonathan's guarantor. The offer was ignored.

    Rabbi Eliyahu repeated the same offer every year after that in private letters to President Clinton.

    Every offer went unacknowledged until the fall of 2000, when Esther Pollard received a letter from the White House indicating that the President was aware of the former chief Rabbi's offer and that it would be part of the President's consideration in reaching a final decision on her husband's case.

  49. President Clinton never kept his promises.

    When he left office in January 2001, Jonathan Pollard was not included among those that to whom Clinton granted clemency:

    • in spite of his repeated express commitments to Israel to free Pollard in return for numerous heavy concessions
    • in spite of his commitment to free Pollard as an integral part if the Wye Accords
    • in spite of the appeals of the Jewish community, and
    • in spite of the gross injustices of the Pollard case which include:
      • a grossly disproportionate sentence
      • a broken plea agreement
      • use of secret evidence
      • a false charge of treason
      • ineffective assistance of counsel
      • ex parte communication between prosecutors and judge
      • a lack of due process
      • a sentencing procedure infected by false allegations and lies

    On his last day in office, Clinton granted clemency to 140 people. Many who received executive clemency had been convicted of very serious offenses, including murder, robbery and drug dealing. Some of those pardoned had served no prison time at all before being pardoned. Among those pardoned were Clinton's brother, and a former head of the CIA. (See Clemency Page.)

  50. In September of 2000, Jonathan Pollard's attorneys, Eliot Lauer and Jacques Semmelman, filed a motion in the US District Court of Columbia to vacate his sentence.

    The motion, supported by documentation, presents a compelling and very disturbing picture of serious government misconduct that went unchecked by Mr. Pollard's then-counsel. As a result of that misconduct, and as a result of his attorney's ineffectiveness Jonathan Pollard was sentenced to life in prison on the basis of false allegations, and under circumstances that violated his plea agreement. (See Legal Doc: Declaration of Jonathan Jay Pollard In Support of Motion for Resentencing. See also Legal Doc: Memorandum of Law in Support of Jonathan Jay Pollard's § 2255 Motion for Resentencing.)

  51. Since he was sentenced in 1987, none of Jonathan Pollard's security-cleared attorneys have been able to see the classified portions of the docket in order to challenge them in a court of law or to defend him in a clemency proceeding.

    In September of 2000, Jonathan Pollard's attorneys filed a separate motion requesting that attorney Eliot Lauer be allowed access to the secret portions of the Pollard court docket. (See Legal Doc: Motion to Unseal the Pollard Record.)

  52. On January 12, 2001, Chief Judge Norma Holloway Johnson denied the attorneys' request to allow Eliot Lauer access to the complete Pollard docket, upholding the government's claim that Lauer's seeing the secret portion of the record poses a risk to American national security.

    Both Lauer and Semmelman hold TOP SECRET level security clearances, which they obtained from the Justice Department in order to be eligible to see their client's full record.

    A motion for reconsideration was filed January 18, 2001. (See Legal Doc: Motion for Reconsideration of Court Order.)

  53. Amicus briefs supporting Jonathan's new legal cases have been filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, as well as by top American legal authorities. (See Amici Briefs on the Court Case Page.)

  54. Five Prime Ministers of Israel and three Presidents of Israel have requested Jonathan Pollard's release from the United States. Israel has pledged to be responsible for its agent who has served many years in prison under harsh conditions, and who has fully and repeatedly expressed his remorse. (See Remorse Page.)

    Between close friends and strong allies, that ought to be enough.

  55. On November 21, 2010, Jonathan Pollard entered the 26th year of his life sentence, with no end in sight.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Exposing Muhammad's evil

An article by the PYEM Ministry Inc.

This cartoon by Feica published in English daily of Pakistan 'Dawn', depicts the draconian nature of torturer rapist murderer liar cheater deceiver Muhammed's blasphemy laws against non-muslims. Muhammed, you will never be forgiven. May you rot and burn in hell for eternity and for ever. You are a disgrace to mankind and people who follow and worship you are deceived by Satan

What do Quran and Hadith say about blasphemy? Are blasphemy laws and Quran+hadith two seperate entities? Read below and find out what a disgusting, inhuman and barbaric bastard prophet Muhammed really was:

1 – The ruling on one who insults the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

The scholars are unanimously agreed that a Muslim who insults the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) becomes a kaafir and an apostate who is to be executed. This consensus was narrated by more than one of the scholars, such as Imaam Ishaaq ibn Raahawayh, Ibn al-Mundhir, al-Qaadi ‘Iyaad, al-Khattaabi and others. Al-Saarim al-Maslool, 2/13-16

This ruling is indicated by the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

In the Qur’aan it says (interpretation of the meaning):

“The hypocrites fear lest a Soorah (chapter of the Qur’aan) should be revealed about them, showing them what is in their hearts. Say: ‘(Go ahead and) mock! But certainly Allaah will bring to light all that you fear.’

If you ask them (about this), they declare: ‘We were only talking idly and joking.’ Say: ‘Was it at Allaah, and His Ayaat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) and His Messenger that you were mocking?’

Make no excuse; you disbelieved after you had believed”

[al-Tawbah 9:64-66]

This verse clearly states that mocking Allaah, His verses and His Messenger constitutes kufr, so that applies even more so to insulting. The verse also indicates that whoever belittles the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is also a kaafir, whether he was serious or joking.

With regard to the Sunnah, Abu Dawood (4362) narrated from ‘Ali that a Jewish woman used to insult the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and say bad things about him, so a man strangled her until she died, and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) ruled that no blood money was due in this case.

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said in al-Saarim al-Maslool (1/162): This hadeeth is jayyid, and there is a corroborating report in the hadeeth of Ibn ‘Abbaas which we will quote below.

This hadeeth clearly indicates that it was permissible to kill that woman because she used to insult the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

Abu Dawood (4361) narrated from Ibn ‘Abbaas that a blind man had a freed concubine (umm walad) who used to insult the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and say bad things about him. He told her not to do that but she did not stop, and he rebuked her but she did not heed him. One night, when she started to say bad things about the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and insult him, he took a short sword or dagger, put it on her belly and pressed it and killed her.

The following morning that was mentioned to the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). He called the people together and said, “I adjure by Allah the man who has done this action and I adjure him by my right over him that he should stand up.” The blind man stood up and said, “O Messenger of Allaah, I am the one who did it; she used to insult you and say bad things about you. I forbade her, but she did not stop, and I rebuked her, but she did not give up her habit. I have two sons like pearls from her, and she was kind to me. Last night she began to insult you and say bad things about you.

So I took a dagger, put it on her belly and pressed it till I killed her.” Thereupon the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Bear witness, there is no blood money due for her.”

(Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood, 3655)

It seems that this woman was a kaafir, not a Muslim, for a Muslim could never do such an evil action. If she was a Muslim she would have become an apostate by this action, in which case it would not have been permissible for her master to keep her; in that case it would not have been good enough if he were to keep her and simply rebuke her.

Al-Nasaa’i narrated (4071) that Abu Barzah al-Aslami said: A man spoke harshly to Abu Bakr al-Siddeeq and I said, ‘Shall I kill him?’ He rebuked me and said, ‘That is not for anyone after the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) .’” (Saheeh al-Nasaa’i, 3795)

It may be noted from this that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) had the right to kill whoever insulted him and spoke harshly to him, and that included both Muslims and kaafirs.

The second issue is: if a person who insulted the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) repents, should his repentance be accepted or not?

The scholars are agreed that if such a person repents sincerely and regrets what he has done, this repentance will benefit him on the Day of Resurrection and Allaah will forgive him.

But they differed as to whether his repentance should be accepted in this world and whether that means he is no longer subject to the sentence of execution.

Maalik and Ahmad were of the view that it should not be accepted, and that he should be killed even if he has repented.

They quoted as evidence the Sunnah and proper understanding of the ahaadeeth:

In the Sunnah, Abu Dawood (2683) narrated that Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqaas said: “On the Day of the Conquest of Makkah, the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) granted safety to the people except for four men and two women, and he named them, and Ibn Abi Sarh… As for Ibn Abi Sarh, he hid with ‘Uthmaan ibn ‘Affaan, and when the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) called the people to give their allegiance to him, he brought him to stand before the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

He said, “O Prophet of Allaah, accept the allegiance of ‘Abd-Allaah.” He raised his head and looked at him three times, refusing him, then he accepted his allegiance after the third time. Then he turned to his companions and said: “Was there not among you any smart man who could have got up and killed this person when he saw me refusing to give him my hand and accept his allegiance?” They said, “We do not know what is in your heart, O Messenger of Allaah. Why did you not gesture to us with your eyes?” He said, “It is not befitting for a Prophet to betray a person with a gesture of his eyes.”

(Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood, 2334)

This clearly indicates that in a case such as this apostate who had insulted the Prophet (S), it is not obligatory to accept his repentance, rather it is permissible to kill him even if he comes repentant.

‘Abd-Allaah ibn Sa’d was one of those who used to write down the Revelation, then he apostatized and claimed that he used to add whatever he wanted to the Revelation. This was a lie and a fabrication against the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), and it was a kind of insult. Then he became Muslim again and was a good Muslim, may Allaah be pleased with him. Al-Saarim 115.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Revisiting the Doctrina Jacobi Nuper Baptizati

The Teaching of Jacob, Didaskalia Jakobou; Ethiopic Sargis d'Aberga is a 7th century Greek Christian anti-Jewish polemical tract set in Carthage in 634 but written in Palestine sometime between 634 and 640. It supposedly records a July 13, 634 discussion between a Jewish forced convert to Christianity, Jacob, and some Jews about the condition of the Byzantine Empire in light of the recent Arab conquests, and how they should proceed as he had done, and convert to Christianity.

The text provides one of the earliest external accounts of Islam, presenting a significantly different Islamic historiography than found in traditional Islamic texts. It also shows Jacob comparing the Byzantine Empire to the fourth beast of the prophecy of Daniel from Christian eschatology. Although not unfamiliar imagery, it is part of a series of Byzantine literature, from the early stages of the Islamic religion, of trying to reconcile Islam with the apocalyptic vision. Further examples of this are contained in the pseudo-Athanasian's Quaestiones ad Antiochum ducem, and the Quaestiones et responsiones attributed to Anastasius of Sinai.

It records a prophet in Arabia during the birth time of Islamic tradition proclaiming the advent of a Jewish Messiah. The document contradicts the notion in Islamic tradition that the prophet was dead at the time of the conquest of Palestine but agrees with some traditions of other peoples of the time.

This is an extract of the document called Doctrina Jacobi Nuper Baptizati

When the candidatus was killed by the Saracens, I was at Caesarea and I set off by boat to Sykamina. People were saying "the candidatus has been killed," and we Jews were overjoyed. And they were saying that the prophet had appeared, coming with the Saracens, and that he was proclaiming the advent of theanointed one, the Christ who was to come.

I, having arrived at Sykamina, stopped by a certain old man well-versed in scriptures, and I said to him: "What can you tell me about the prophet who has appeared with the Saracens?"

He replied, groaning deeply: "He is false, for the prophets do not come armed with a sword. Truly they are works of anarchy being committed today and I fear that the first Christ to come, whom the Christians worship, was the one sent by God and we instead are preparing to receive the Antichrist. Indeed, Isaiah said that the Jews would retain a perverted and hardened heart until all the earth should be devastated. But you go, master Abraham, and find out about the prophet who has appeared." So I, Abraham, inquired and heard from those who had met him that there was no truth to be found in the so-called prophet, only the shedding of men's blood. He says also that he has the keys of paradise, which is incredible.

Even at that time, which was the time contemporaneous to Muhammad's life, he was already deemed a liar, and a bloodthirsty anti-Christ.

Monday, 13 September 2010

EDL - American and Saudi Embassy - 11th September 2010

Just when we thought that the Islamic community would show some respect during the September 11th remembrance, the utterly evil fanatic lunatics of MAC (Muslims against Crusade) - which is in fact a reborn Islam4UK headed by the sickening benefit claimant Anjem Choudary, decided to burn the American flag on that sacred day, and outside the American Embassy, while the British Police just looked on.

The EDL marched through the city to the American Embassy to lay reefs for the victims of this insane Islamic attack on the Twin Towers, and carried out a 2 minutes silence to remember those innocent civilians who were callously murdered, when some Muslim fanatics hijacked a couple of planes and hit the buildings. All this of course, financed by the Saudi government.

Muslims have been doing this for centuries. They attack our countries and cities, murder our people, and then build tasteless mosques on these sacred murder grounds in order to gloat. This audacity is typical of Islam, and our tolerance is reaching boiling point now.

While most of the idiotic and insensitive Leftist (scum) media goes around labelling the EDL as racist and fascist thugs, their friends, the Muslim fanatics (scum) were the ones behaving in such manner, desecrating the US flag and shouting "Democracy go to Hell", amongst other pathetic chants, that only retards can come up with.

One of their placards also said: "Jesus will destroy the cross and follow Islam", which in my opinion is very insulting to the Christian population of Great Britain. And yet, the British (hypocrite) police did not arrest these people, even though they were blatantly and evidently inciting Religious hate.

The police penned the EDL in and did not allow them to carry out their work, which was to stop this horrific and disgraceful expression of pure putrid hatred in our streets on such a sacred day.
In my view, the Met police now deserves nothing but only our contempt.
I said it before and I will say it again: TOLERANCE AGAINST EVIL IS A CRIME. They will do well in paying attention to this. In my view now the Police is criminal and as such should be treated with disdain.
They have betrayed the British people that pay their wages, and as such they have forsaken their right to be treated with respect.

So here is the EDL showing exactly what they think of the Islamic radical filth.
They have burned their shahada flags, several of them, while chanting "Muslim bombers off our streets!"

Monday, 6 September 2010

EDL Counter-protest against the al-quds march - 4th September 2010

Another group of racist and fascist islamo-nazis has once again taken to our streets to carry out their annual hate message of demonizing Israel and Jews, calling for boycotts to Israel, falsely claiming Zionism is racism, in short condemning anything and everything Israeli/Jewish/Zionist.

They are the organizers of the al-quds march.

For those who don't know, al-quds is how the Arabs refer to Jerusalem. They usually start referring to a particular city by the Arabic name they give to it, in order to eventually claim it for themselves as waqf land.

Boy, these guys have a huge chip on their shoulders when it comes to Israel.

A friend of mine said that in the majority of the cases - and this majority is truly a majority -the ones who hate Israel are in fact harbouring a hate for their fathers. Now, truly this is quite understandable if you look at it from a psychological point of view. I guess that if I was a Muslim I would also, perhaps, hate my father, giving that in Islam the father seems to control the affairs of the whole family. Luckily I come from a decent family that has the notion of equality in the highest of esteems, so no worries there for my father.
Their hate for Israel hides an individual darker secret of each of those people, something that they cannot bring to the surface, so this hate is morphed into "hating Israel", while most of these people actually know nothing about Israel, Israelis or Jews.
It means, their hate for Israel is baseless and has no merit other than hide the utter miserable depression that their lives are, or pure and simple racism.

While these utterly fascist people marched from Marble Arch to Park Lane and towards the US Embassy, calling themselves "We are all Hezbollah", our British Police merely stood by and looked on. The counter-protesters were enclosed in pens. Typical. The fascists have the free reign in our streets and those who defend the streets and the people from these racists, are to be kept apart. Perhaps if the police did not interfere so much, these fascist scum would not be marching in our streets anymore, as we would have by now taken care of them.

It disgusts me to see how useless and dhimmified our governments are! How dare our so-called "leaders" allow those racist/fascist Islamo-Nazis march in our streets calling for the end of another country, i.e. genocide??
The level of anti-Israel sentiment in this country is utterly appalling!! This is also a result of the lack of education given to our children. In schools they teach Islam and deny the holocaust. They praise a paedophile prophet and hold him as "the best of men", while teaching the Jews are Zionist demons, who control the world. A bloody disgrace!

To counter the extremely leftist, fascist and racist al-quds march, were the MFE, EDL, ZF and the Iranians for a Free Iran. The Iranians were protesting against the extremely militant Islamic regime in Iran and the EDL, MFE and ZF were protesting against the racist march in our streets and against the blatant and flagrant anti-Israel/Zionist/Jewish demonstration by the Islamo-fascists organizers of this filthy march, where ignorant people join hands to glorify the genocidal maniacs Hezbollah, that are financed by Iran to murder Jews.

Many of those daddy haters had placards saying: "WE ARE ALL HEZBOLLAH".

A reason to be shot on the spot, no?

We all know how the media loves to manipulate stories and evidence of criminal nature, principally when it is about their Islamo-fascist friends. After all, they have sold their souls to these infidels who care nothing for the pure laws of virtue and honour, but care a great deal for violent jihad against the indigenous people of this country, and the peaceful hard working immigrants that reside in the land of Hope and Glory.

These Jihadists will learn the hard way.

The EDL surely makes the Islamo-fascists look utterly ridiculous when they, the Islamo-fascist haters take to the streets to preach their filth : Hate for Israel, hate for Jews, hate for Zionists, hate for non-Muslims, hate for women, hate for homosexuals, hate for dogs, and the list goes on... it's really all about hate.

Here is the background of the al-Quds brigade:

The al-Quds Brigade is the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamist organization, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), an extremist Jihadist, fascist and racist organization whose sole goal is to commit genocide against the Israeli people. They are especially active in Judea and Samaria (West Bank and the Gaza Strip), the al-Quds Brigades are reportedly receiving orders from the PIJ leadership in Damascus, Syria, but they are also financially backed by the Islamic fascist and racist regime of Iran.

The al-Quds Brigades were very active in the West Bank, especially in the town of Jenin, but extensive operations against its infrastructures carried out by the IDF resulted in severe losses to the group, and it appeared significantly weakened by 2004 in that region.

Due to the fact that these fascists are unable to destroy the Jewish people, the supporters of the Nazi al-Quds brigade take to the streets in London to obtain international approval for murder and genocide against an entire race, by using lies and deceit . Their deceitful rhetoric goes along the lines of comparing the only democratic country in the Middle East to an "Apartheid" State. But it does not stop there.

They also use the utterly genocidal propaganda to claim "We are all Hezbollah", referring to the Lebanese terrorist organization created solely for the purpose to annihilate Israel from the map. Of course, they failed too.

If that was not enough, these fascists also have the chutzpah to pretend everything is a sea of roses in Iran and that homosexuals, apostates and women are not systematically murdered.

They will indeed go to any lengths to demonize Israel, Jews and Zionists while praising the genocidal traits of the Islamic regime.

And yet, the corrupted media has the chutzpah to hide the truth!! They use all sorts of tricks to pervert the course of justice, but they are failing miserably. The people of the UK are waking up to this Islamic threat. They can see life changing for the worse all around them, and they don't like it.

So it's time that all the people who feel this way and who is waking up to this menace, to stand up and be counted. Join the EDL and get your voices heard.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Gaza pictures - What the Media does not want you to see


Here are the photos that the media does not want you to see.
This is GAZA, the place that most ignorants call a "prison camp" for the poor Palestinians.
Here we see that this is not a prison camp, and the Palestinians are neither poor nor deprived of anything.
In fact they are quite sustained, have plenty of food, clothes and fun things to do.

All courtesy of ISRAEL!!!

Meanwhile in Haiti and Sudan for example, the people are desperate for need and for such "Humanitarian Flotillas" that never seem to come. Where are these so-called "Humanitarians" when people actually need them?

Israel’s Humanitarian Aid in Gaza

(Updated January 21, 2009)

During the three weeks of Israel's operation against Hamas, 1,202 trucks carrying over 29,000 tons of humanitarian aid supplies have entered theGaza Strip through Israel.
GoodsNumber of trucksTons
ICRCMedical equipment & medicine supply, 5 ambulances and car equipment36230
UNRWAFood, Medical equipment & medicine supply, candles, generators1693,177
WHOMedical equipment & medicine supply18184
UNICEFMedical equipment & medicine supply6109
MSFMedical equipment12
MDMMedical equipment16
Kingdom of JordanFood, blankets, Medical equipment & medicine supply and blood units59


(2,124 blood units)

GreeceMedical equipment, food, blood units226
TurkeyMedical equipment & medicine supply, 5 ambulances, food13180
Total International Community 43510,042
Private SectorMedical equipment & medicine supply and food3719,941
Total International Community and Private Sector 80619,983

(Table courtesy of The Israel Project)

Since Israel’s Operation Cast Lead against Hamas began on Saturday, December 27 in response to three years of rocket attacks on Israel’s southern towns, Israel has been doing everything in its power to aid the Palestinian civilians residing in Gaza. The Israeli government has made it overly clear that it does not wish to harm innocent civilians and that it will continue to help them for the duration of the operation.

In preparation for the coming operation, The Israeli government sent 90 trucks worth of humanitarian aid goods into Gaza on Friday, December 26. Israel has been working around the clock with international and private aid organizations to ensure that the Palestinian civilians in Gaza are receving the food and medical supplies that they need.

On December 29 alone, Israel sent 63 trucks (1,545 tons) of humanitarian aid goods into the Gaza Strip including rice, yeast, flour, sugar and 64 tons of medical supplies. On December 31, 98 trucks and 2,366 tons of food and supplies were delivered in Gaza. On January 5, 80 trucks delivered goods to the area. On January 6, 49 trucks were sent into Gaza by means of the humanitarian unit of the IDF. 100 trucks and 500,000 liters of diesel fuel were sent in through the Kerem Shalom crossing on January 7.

Additionally, hundreds of thousands of liters of diesel fuel were pumped into Gaza on January 6 including fuel for the Gaza power station, UN facilities and domestic cooking fuel.

On Monday, January 12, Israeli security forces at the Kerem Shalom crossing caught a truck trying to smuggle electronic equipment into Gaza including infra-red cameras and computers. Electric equipment is not considered part of humanitarian aid although Israel has allowed certain electronics into Gaza in order to correct the city's electricity grid. As of January 15, Gaza's power grid was at 74% working capacity, up from 40% at the beginning of the operation.

On January 14 an El Al jumbo plane filled with 100 tons of medical and food supplies from UNICEF landed at Ben Gurion airport.

On Thursday, January 15, 170 trucks of humanitarian aid as well as 195,000 liters of fuel were sent into the area and on January 16, 135 truckloads were delivered. On these days combined, 3,790 tons of supplies were sent into Gaza.

To view a live video of aid entering through the Kerem Shalom crossing please click here

Number of Trucks into Gaza (January 8, 2009)

Number of Trucks
(January 6, 2009)

So many truckloads of aid have been sent in, in fact, that the World Food Programme took a two day recess from its food donations. The organization resumed its deliveries on Tuesday, January 6. The Gaza food warehouses are filled to capacity and are capable of lasting the citizens two weeks.

Humanitarian Aid - Organizations and Donors

Despite many reports that Gaza’s citizens are getting enough aid from international sources, some UN officials claim that extreme food and medical supply shortages remain. The United Nations would like to blame Israel for the crisis but, yet again, the blame falls with Hamas.

On January 6 it was discovered that Hamas gunmen had opened their own hospital and were stealing a significant portion of medical supplies from the trucks that deliver humanitarian aid daily into Gaza. The medicine, of course, is intended for civilian hospitals and emergency medical care. By doing this Hamas is, yet again, denying its own civilian population the supplies that it desperately needs.

Similarly, Hamas gunmen are hiding themselves in civilian hospitals, particularly among the various maternity wards, attempting to find refuge from Israeli fire. This is just one more example showing that Hamas truly takes its people’s safety for granted.

For more on Hamas’s abuse of its citizens please see Hamas’s Human Shields

Although Israeli officials realize that Hamas is preventing aid supplies from reaching its intended point of delivery, on January 7 Israel began a “humanitarian recess” in which the IDF and IAF would stop its operation for three hours daily so that Gaza’s citizens could safely go into the streets to collect food and medical goods. Hamas gunmen were the first on January 7 to end the temporary ceasefire, firing dozens of rockets at Israel’s southern towns. The Israeli-enforced humanitarian corridors have continued each day as scheduled despite Hamas's refusal to cease rocket fire on the western Negev during the three-hour ceasefire.

On January 15, Israel decided to lengthen its daily humanitarian recess to four hours instead of three in order to allow more Gazans to get the supplies that they need. The decision to increase the time span of the pause came from Israel Joint Humanitarian Coordination Center (JHCC).

The Israeli government is also allowing Palestinians from Gaza to enter Israel for medical treatment. Dozens of wounded and sick Gazans have already been transported into Israel through the Erez Crossing and are now being treated at various Israeli hospitals.

Israel is encouraging more medical transfers but the Palestinian Authority is refusing to pay for the medical care because it feels Hamas is responsible for the injuries in Gaza.

Israel and the Red Cross have agreed that Israeli hospitals will absorb and treat for wounded Gazan civilians after the operation is over.

Meanwhile, Magen David Adom, Israel’s emergency ambulatory service, has been put on high alert and is operating 600 ambulances in Gaza to help any wounded or sick in the area.

On January 12, the Israeli government released official plans to build a field hospital inside the Gaza Strip to be run by the IDF Medical Corps in order to aid any Palestinian civilians wounded from the daily operations.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni released a statement on January 4 saying: “We have opened the crossings more than ever in comparison to the past, in order to bridge the gaps in terms of humanitarian needs, with the understanding that a military operation is something that can affect the daily lives of the citizens...We want to work together with the international organizations to ease the lives of the population while we conduct an ongoing operation against Hamas.”

On Sunday, January 11, the Israel Defense Forces set up a humanitarian aid center in Tel Aviv in which officials from aid organizations can come to arrage supply transfers into Gaza. IDF officials, and representative from the UNRWA and ICRC met on Sunday to reopen and reestablish rules of aid transfers which the UN had withheld for several days due to an accidental death of one of its truck drivers.

On January 15, Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant, head of the southern command, ordered that a special team be created in the south specifically to assist civilians in Gaza and to help them rebuild their lives in the area. The team will be made up of IDF troops and medical personnel as well as other administrative and logistical members.

Israel has made it clear that this operation is against Hamas armed forces and terrorist cells - not Palestinian civilians. The Israel Defense Forces is doing everything in their power to minimize the number of civilian casualties. The IDF has gone so far as to call apartment complexes in the Gaza Strip that are known to house Hamas forces and warn the civilian residents of coming airstrikes, allowing them enough time to evacuate the buildings. These warnings are given despite the fact that they tip off Hamas operatives.

While the Arab world might like to deny it, the Israel Defense Forces are conducting their operation in as humane a way as possible by both limiting civilian casualties and offering an extreme humanitarian aid effort in Gaza. Hamas, on the other hand, denies its own people aid and infringes on their security.

Humanitarian Aid After the Operation

As of January 18, 2009, Israel declared a unilateral ceasefire and began to move its troops out of the Gaza Strip. Since then, aid trucks continue to cross into Gaza from Israel.

Hamas was accused of hijacking aid trucks and selling its goods during Israel's operation. Directly following the ceasefire Hamas and Fatah leaders began to blame each other for food and medical shortages in the Strip. Hamas accused Fatah of stealing aid from trucks in order to sell goods on the black market as well as detaining trucks along the Rafah border so as to prevent Hamas from restrengthening itself in the area.

On January 19, Jordanian sources confirmed that Hamas gunmen hijacked 12 trucks on their way to UNRWA headquarters.

Tensions continued to rise as Hamas and Fatah both pled with the international community not to give money to the other organization. Hamas does not want to give Mahmoud Abbas more power and the PA wishes to retain Hamas's weakened state. The organizations are fighting for control of Gaza including the authority to rebuild the area's infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the medical clinic that Israel opened along the Erez border on January 18 remains empty. The treatment center is meant to assist 50 Palestinians at a time for wounds or other non-operation related illnesses. As of January 20, only seven Palestinian children came to the clinic for cancer treatments. The treatment center is stocked full with doctors and medical supplies as well as four ambulances but the Gazans are too afraid of Hamas forces to set foot inside or contact the Israeli-sponsored clinic. Doing so would be considered treason and Hamas operatives have been rapidly executing any Palestinian in Gaza who cooperates with Israel.

See also: Humanitarian Aid Situation in the Gaza Strip (Video: The Israel Embassy)

Here are some more photos of Gaza for your perusal and knowledge.