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Conspiracy or Misunderstanding? The Anunnaki gods.

God said, "Let us make man in
our image, after our likeness.
Genesis 1:26

How many times have we heard of "conspiracy theories"? As far as I understand, theories can only be made based on something concrete, some sort of study or investigation. That is not to say that all theories are valid, they are more like guess work, until proven accurate. However, the basis of all theories require facts.

Conspiracy: By origin this word comes from the Latin: CON- "with, together", SPIRARE "to breathe".
By definition conspiracy means "
a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act".

When we talk about Conspiracy Theories, we are referring to theories which were created to "harm" a particular political issue. Now, the question we should all be asking is: WHY? Why would people conspire to harm someone or some political / religious views for example? Sure there is evil in the whole of mankind, but why do we call these theories conspiracy, when we are simply unable to back up the "real theories" with facts?

I give the example of Religions, which I have chosen as an issue because it is, indeed, at the very core of most human beings.

When people talk about religions and conspiracy theories I feel a little uneasy. I have seen many conspiracy theories, which were just ridiculous, such as the Protocols of Zion, which has already been proven to be a fraud. But I have also seen other theories which, were the result of many years of studies and analysis of data available. However, many people also consider these investigations as conspiracy theories to damage one's faith. The issue is that people can either be happy or unhappy with their "religion", or the religion their parents have brought them up into.
I know by experience, that many people do question many points raised in their religions, and discuss amongst themselves. Discussion brings enlightenment.

I believe that these days, with the rise of internet users, dialogues and discussions have been made possible to such a level that it is easier now, for all of us , to reach from one end to the other of our planet, with a click of a button. The result is that more people can get together and discuss things which are important to them. There is also the factor that some of us are simply unable to discuss certain religious issues with people of the same faith, simply because some do not like this "questioning".

Getting to the point:

I have read many theories in different religions; some are considered to be conspiracy theories, while others are still being analysed in order to be labelled.

I want to speak about one which is still being analysed. This is the theory that "we were made at god's image". Or shall I say: "Gods"?

Some Sumerian Clay tablets were found in 1850, about 250 miles from Baghdad, Iraq, by an Englishman Sir Austen Henry Layard, as he excavated the site of Nineveh, the capital of Assyria. This site is located near the present Iraqi town of Mosul.

Those thousands of tablets are still being translated, but the ones who have already been, have caused uproar amongst religious scholars and surprise amongst historians and archaeologists. No wonder! They are in fact, quite explosive!

I will get into more detail on them later. But if you would like to read one, check the title: SUMERIAN TABLETS in this blogg. I have copied the translation of Dr. Zacharia Sitchin, of the tablet he calls: Attestation.
It refers to a highly advanced race, called Anunnaki, who landed on Earth and made us at their image, thus reflecting the words of Genesis:

"Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.

I have questioned this phrase for a long time now, and this has made me wonder if the writers of the Torah (The hebrew bible) had made a slight error in interpretation. After all, If God is ONE, and he was just about to make us, who was he talking to?
And if his colleagues were "angels", what would be the "image" that God would then choose? Do Angels share the same image as God? Does God have an image at all?

Elohim is a plural word in Hebrew, which means, gods or deities. However, most Jewish people take this conotation to mean ONE GOD. It is a semitic word, which has originated from the ancient Canaanite ilum. The Sumerians called their deities as ilu (plural - iluhm), so the link in language is very obvious indeed, since the Sumerians were first.
But the interesting part is that the sumerian tablets actually tell us many of the same stories that we find in the Bibles, but with a different version. The version that in its original, tells us that the Anunnaki (Extra-terrestrial beings) are the "iluhm" and that they were the ones who created us at their image, by using their DNA and the DNA of an Apewoman.

In my other topic, please check the translation of the Sumerian tablet, which deals with the making of Mankind.

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