Saturday, 17 April 2010

Archaeology and Religion

Since the beginning of time men have been searching for their origins.
Also our understanding of the origin and evolution of galaxies has developed dramatically thanks to the engineers working at the forefront of astronomical technology.

Scientists and Archaeologists, amongst others, have played a major part in unearthing mysteries past, and now we are able to re-start looking into the scriptures in order to match facts and discard fantasy. Only through learning we will obtain our desired knowledge.

By reading ancient scrolls, parchments and tablets, we managed to pinpoint the various locations where these stories happened and now perhaps we have a better chance to understand more about who we are and where we came from.

We will also understand what is religion and what is the purpose of perpetuating certain teachings. What can Archaeology do for us, in order to clarify our doubts and our questions?

Archaeological evidence can be found for most biblical stories.
Of course, this requires PAINSTAKING AND METICULOUS work, not to mention the stressfull days and the sleepless nights!

But how is this accomplished? Simple. We read the bible at FACE VALUE!
Perhaps we would do good in paying heed to OUR FOREFATHERS just to see where it leads us.

What is it that we want? Religion confirmation? Scientific knowledge? Spirituality?

I started my research some years ago, with the objective to know if the stories of the bibles actually happened. I started by reading the scriptures at face value, without interpreting them. From the start until the end, scripture and archaeology had to go hand in hand, as archaeological proof was needed for everything. If a particular story lacked archaeological proof, then I had to investigate from another angle. I am aware that it is very hard to obtain proof for everything.

So far so good. I will keep updating the news as and when I can.

Enjoy the new discoveries!

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