Saturday, 17 April 2010


As early as 1993, the "UN Bureaucrats" effectively named Sudan a rogue state when its diplomats were linked to that year's bombing of the New York World Trade Center building.

In 1995, this body slapped sanctions against Sudan for its complicity in the failed assassination of Egypt's President Mubarak. The USA took unilateral military action against Sudan for its tacit involvement in the 1998 Embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya that killed 224.

Thousands have died in ghost houses that are little more than govermnent-owned torture chambers. Their existence is not secret but fact. Former Sudanese leader Hassan al-Turabi, an Islamist guru, personally welcomed the A-list of terrorists to Khartoum - everyone from Hamas and Hezbollah to Egyptian Jihad and the mujahideen of Taliban fame.

The Sudanese civil war has starved 2 million civilians to their graves, has driven 4.5 million from their homes, has slaughtered an additional 2 million since 1984, and 155,000 in the past few months alone.

More than one million children call themselves kid soldiers in the civil war and and estimated 200,000 black Africans, especially Dinka tribesmen, have been sold into slavery. All this in a small slice of a nation of just 37 million. Sudan's government is not one for dialogue, integrity, decency, or humanity. So Darfur is the final straw.

This is a civil war prodded by oil. BBC, NBC, CNN, Reuters, etc. all document the slaughter of Christian blacks around oil fields. So let's take away the incentive for murder.

Let's add an oil embargo to Ambassador Cabrero's resoulution. Some delegations have voiced doubt about condemning the whole nation instead of the murderous Janjaweed. But Sudan's leadership is in fact orchestrating the ethnic cleansing of black and Christian Africans.

Human Rights Watch, an independent, non-biased independent observer, has determined that, "The government of Sudan is responsible for “ethnic cleansing” and crimes against humanity," and that "Government forces oversaw and directly participated in massacres, summary executions of civilians—including women and children— burnings of towns and villages, and the forcible depopulation of wide swaths of land."

The group, after visiting the Darfur region, ascertained that, though outnumbered by Janjaweed warriors, government forces are the first to arrive at a scene of attack and the last to leave.

They are guilty of more than complacency. Thay are guilty of complicity in murder. Local sources say that any Arab with a horse in the region was offered 300,000 Sudanese pounds and a gun by Sudanese Government representatives to join the Janjaweed.

NATO didn't wait for the Hague to convict Milosevic before it protected Kosovo. Why should we wait before we protect the innocents of Darfur?

SUDAN IS ACCUSING ISRAEL OF SUPPORTING DARFUR REBELS!! Can you believe such thing? The ethnic cleansing country has the audacity to accuse the only democracy in the Middle East of supporting those who wish to speak and fight against the attrocities they themselves are committing. Sometimes I feel a deep sadness to see how low the human soul has descended!

Talk about anti-semitism...
What has Israel got to do with all this??
To acknowledge the problem does not mean that we have to believe all Muslims are the same. But we must acknowledge this major issue in order to separate these groups of quiet living Muslims from the fanatic ones who are causing misery to so many people on this planet.
If we neglect, deny their attrocities, and try to appease them, nothing will ever be done.

Appeasement is like feeding a crocodile, expecting it to eat you last.

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