Saturday, 14 April 2012

Farzan Ahmed - Muslim Nazi employed by Calderdale Council

Hat tip: Jewish Defence League UK

Farzan Ahmed - Calderdale council Nazi Jew hater Muslim scum

EDL News is on a server that belongs to a Muslim who 
is linked to several personalities including the nasty 
weasel Robin Tuddenham from Calderdale council.

The Chair of the local BME (Black, Minority, Ethnic) Network 
in Calderdale - who also sits on the police race hate scrutiny 
panels and the Equality Forum in Calderdale (which Forum is 
administered by officers of the Council under Robin Tuddenham)
is a Muslim called Farzan Ahmed.

Mr Ahmed has an interesting profile which may be viewed at 
You will see that he makes repeated issue of his having 
assisted the authorities in dealing with the "far right, extremist" 
EDL demo in Halifax.

If you check his Facebook out  - 
you will see many activities and interests listed - 
not least amongst 
which are 'British Muslims Against Zionism' - 
'Muslim Defence League' - 'Palestine Defence League' - 
'Stop Killing Children of Palestine' and 'Free Palestine'. 
These are truly hate-mongering Facebook pages.

Now ...if you check 'Free Palestine' out on Facebook you will see 
not just the usual anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist crap expressed but 
also blatantly anti-Jewish sentiment and if you click on the advertised 
web-site in the information section of 'Free Palestine' - this takes you to a hard-core 
rabidly anti-Jewish, openly Islamist and Hamas supporting web-site.

Mr Ahmed is a colleague of Sail Suleman's on the Race/Faith Hate 
Scrutiny Panels and has direct e-mail and other agency networking 
links with him.

So there we have it:

Farzan Ahmed, the Chair of the BME Network, sits on a policy
 Forum administered by Robin Tuddenham, has close links with 
Sail Suleman and Calderdale Muslim councillors and publicly 
expresses his like of anti-Zionist Facebook pages - at least one 
of which directly links to a hard-core Islamist and anti-Jewish 
Hamas supporting website.( I have not checked the links on the 
other 200 plus pages).

He also runs quite a few web-sites himself including a religious 
website -

As I see it Calderdale Council and its agencies have become 
thoroughly infiltrated by anti-Zionist and Islamist elements and 
this is why anti-semitic films, child exploitation and fund-raising 
events of late have been allowed to be promoted and hosted using 
public monies.

Calderdale Council and other such local agencies are happy to
facilitate anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish propaganda because it 
already engages with, respectabilises and allows itself to be 
advised by such people as openly flaunt - no doubt in mentoring 
to others - their interest in virulently Islamist and rabidly 
anti-Jewish websites.

These Muslim Nazis are linked to the EXPOSE group and Calderdale 
council and its employees have once again been exposed 
as the Jew hating vermin that they are.

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