Monday, 6 September 2010

EDL Counter-protest against the al-quds march - 4th September 2010

Another group of racist and fascist islamo-nazis has once again taken to our streets to carry out their annual hate message of demonizing Israel and Jews, calling for boycotts to Israel, falsely claiming Zionism is racism, in short condemning anything and everything Israeli/Jewish/Zionist.

They are the organizers of the al-quds march.

For those who don't know, al-quds is how the Arabs refer to Jerusalem. They usually start referring to a particular city by the Arabic name they give to it, in order to eventually claim it for themselves as waqf land.

Boy, these guys have a huge chip on their shoulders when it comes to Israel.

A friend of mine said that in the majority of the cases - and this majority is truly a majority -the ones who hate Israel are in fact harbouring a hate for their fathers. Now, truly this is quite understandable if you look at it from a psychological point of view. I guess that if I was a Muslim I would also, perhaps, hate my father, giving that in Islam the father seems to control the affairs of the whole family. Luckily I come from a decent family that has the notion of equality in the highest of esteems, so no worries there for my father.
Their hate for Israel hides an individual darker secret of each of those people, something that they cannot bring to the surface, so this hate is morphed into "hating Israel", while most of these people actually know nothing about Israel, Israelis or Jews.
It means, their hate for Israel is baseless and has no merit other than hide the utter miserable depression that their lives are, or pure and simple racism.

While these utterly fascist people marched from Marble Arch to Park Lane and towards the US Embassy, calling themselves "We are all Hezbollah", our British Police merely stood by and looked on. The counter-protesters were enclosed in pens. Typical. The fascists have the free reign in our streets and those who defend the streets and the people from these racists, are to be kept apart. Perhaps if the police did not interfere so much, these fascist scum would not be marching in our streets anymore, as we would have by now taken care of them.

It disgusts me to see how useless and dhimmified our governments are! How dare our so-called "leaders" allow those racist/fascist Islamo-Nazis march in our streets calling for the end of another country, i.e. genocide??
The level of anti-Israel sentiment in this country is utterly appalling!! This is also a result of the lack of education given to our children. In schools they teach Islam and deny the holocaust. They praise a paedophile prophet and hold him as "the best of men", while teaching the Jews are Zionist demons, who control the world. A bloody disgrace!

To counter the extremely leftist, fascist and racist al-quds march, were the MFE, EDL, ZF and the Iranians for a Free Iran. The Iranians were protesting against the extremely militant Islamic regime in Iran and the EDL, MFE and ZF were protesting against the racist march in our streets and against the blatant and flagrant anti-Israel/Zionist/Jewish demonstration by the Islamo-fascists organizers of this filthy march, where ignorant people join hands to glorify the genocidal maniacs Hezbollah, that are financed by Iran to murder Jews.

Many of those daddy haters had placards saying: "WE ARE ALL HEZBOLLAH".

A reason to be shot on the spot, no?

We all know how the media loves to manipulate stories and evidence of criminal nature, principally when it is about their Islamo-fascist friends. After all, they have sold their souls to these infidels who care nothing for the pure laws of virtue and honour, but care a great deal for violent jihad against the indigenous people of this country, and the peaceful hard working immigrants that reside in the land of Hope and Glory.

These Jihadists will learn the hard way.

The EDL surely makes the Islamo-fascists look utterly ridiculous when they, the Islamo-fascist haters take to the streets to preach their filth : Hate for Israel, hate for Jews, hate for Zionists, hate for non-Muslims, hate for women, hate for homosexuals, hate for dogs, and the list goes on... it's really all about hate.

Here is the background of the al-Quds brigade:

The al-Quds Brigade is the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamist organization, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), an extremist Jihadist, fascist and racist organization whose sole goal is to commit genocide against the Israeli people. They are especially active in Judea and Samaria (West Bank and the Gaza Strip), the al-Quds Brigades are reportedly receiving orders from the PIJ leadership in Damascus, Syria, but they are also financially backed by the Islamic fascist and racist regime of Iran.

The al-Quds Brigades were very active in the West Bank, especially in the town of Jenin, but extensive operations against its infrastructures carried out by the IDF resulted in severe losses to the group, and it appeared significantly weakened by 2004 in that region.

Due to the fact that these fascists are unable to destroy the Jewish people, the supporters of the Nazi al-Quds brigade take to the streets in London to obtain international approval for murder and genocide against an entire race, by using lies and deceit . Their deceitful rhetoric goes along the lines of comparing the only democratic country in the Middle East to an "Apartheid" State. But it does not stop there.

They also use the utterly genocidal propaganda to claim "We are all Hezbollah", referring to the Lebanese terrorist organization created solely for the purpose to annihilate Israel from the map. Of course, they failed too.

If that was not enough, these fascists also have the chutzpah to pretend everything is a sea of roses in Iran and that homosexuals, apostates and women are not systematically murdered.

They will indeed go to any lengths to demonize Israel, Jews and Zionists while praising the genocidal traits of the Islamic regime.

And yet, the corrupted media has the chutzpah to hide the truth!! They use all sorts of tricks to pervert the course of justice, but they are failing miserably. The people of the UK are waking up to this Islamic threat. They can see life changing for the worse all around them, and they don't like it.

So it's time that all the people who feel this way and who is waking up to this menace, to stand up and be counted. Join the EDL and get your voices heard.

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