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The Tibetan situation in comparison with the Palestinian.

The TIBETANS situation

The occupation of Tibe by China has been longer and more brutal an LESS justified by protective or military considerations, and there are many more Tibetans than there are Palestinians.

Moreover there exists no other state with a majority TIBETAN population, whereas the JORDANIAN population is at least two-thirds PALESTINIAN.

The Chinese government has built far more settlements in Tibet than Israel has in the West Bank and Gaza. While Jewish settlers constitute a minority in Palestinian areas, the Chinese have FLOODED Tibet with so many ethnic Chinese that Tibetans have become a MINORITY IN THEIR OWN LAND!

One policy has become increasingly prominent and may prove to be the most effective over time: The policy of population transfer of CHINESE citizens INTO TIBET. Population transfer has made TIBETANS a minority in Tibet, has damaged the Tibetan environment and facilitated HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES.

According to the Dalai lama:

"After 50 years of chinese rule, Tibet seems no closer to freedom.
Although human rights appeals have had little effect thus far, these appeals will no doubt continue to be made; this may eventually help the Tibetans in their fight for SELF-DETERMINATION and an END to population transfers...In 1999 alone there have been 6 known cases of deaths resulting from TORTURE AND ABUSE.

Authorities have expelled a total of 1,432 monks and nuns from their monasteries and nunneries...There are 615 known and documented Tibetan political prisioners... Since 1996, a total of 11,409 monks and nuns have been expelled...

Even today the present young reincarnate Panchen Lama is under virtual house arrest, making him the youngest political prisioner in the world. I am deeply concerned about this." DALAI LAMA

The rights DENIED to the Tibetans include:

1. Life, libery and security have been violated

2. Forced labour has been inflicted on the Tibetans

3. Torture and cruel and degrading treatment have been inflicted

4. Rights of home and privacy have been violated

5. Freedom of movement within a state, and the right to LEAVE AND RETURN TO TIBET have been denied

6. Marriages have been forced upon unwilling parties

7. Property rights have been arbitrarily violated

8. Freedom of religion and worship have been systematically denied

9. Freedom of expression and communication of ideas is totally lacking

10. Freedom of association is denied.

11. The right to representative government is denied

12. There is a wanton disregard for the economic rights of man in relation to the country's resource

13. The right to a free choice of employment is denied

14. Conditions of labour do not conform to minimum standards in respect of rest and limitations of hours

15. The right to an adequate standard of living is denied

16. The right to a liberal and efficient, non-discriminatory educational system is denied

17. The right to participate in the cultural life of the community is denied

18. The limitations imposed on the rights of the Tibetans FAR EXCEED any which are reasonably referable to the requirements of public morality, public order and the welfare of society.

Despite this HORRENDOUS record, the United Nations has NEVER condemned CHINA or recognised the RIGHTS OF THE TIBETANS to self-determination.


To the contrary, the international community REWARDED CHINA with the 2008 Olympics, and few who demand Palestinian Statehood are ever heard on the far more compelling issue of the Tibetan independence.


The SAME question can be asked of the KURDS, the ARMENIANS in Turkey, the CHECHENS, the BASQUES, and dozens of other stateless groups, none of which have observer status at the UNITED NATIONS OR RECOGNITION by so many states or religious groups as the PALESTINIANS DO.


Moreover, NONE of these other groups have been offered statehood and have rejected it on multiple occasions, LIKE PALESTINIANS HAVE.


Israel has offered statehood to the Palestinians in exchange for a commitment by the Palestinian Authority to make its best efforts to END TERRORISM, and the PALESTINIAN RESPONSE HAS BEEN AN ESCALATION OF TERRORISM.

The Palestinians will eventually have a state, but it should NOT come as a REWARD FOR TERRORISM.

The Israeli occupation, unlike any other of the current occupations, HAS BROUGHT CONSIDERABLE DIVIDENDS TO THE PALESTINIANS, including significant improvements in LONGEVITY, HEALTH CARE AND EDUCATION. It has also brought about a reduction in infant mortality.

Between 1967 and 1994, when Israel was responsible for health and medical services, more than 90 percent of infants and schoolchildren were immunized, there was an increase in control of childhood contagious diseases, and the infant mortality rate declined from 100 to 150 deaths per 1,000 live births in the years during which the West bank and Gaza were occupied by Jordan and Egypt, to 20 to 25 deaths per 1,000 live births by the end of the Israeli occupation in 1994.

Ironically, being occupied by Israelis as distinguished from Jordanian and Egyptians also promoted Palestinian NATIONALISM.

None of those dividends alone or in combination justify an unwanted occupation, but they DO PLACE A BURDEN of justification on those who CONDEMN ONLY THE ISRAELI OCCUPATION without even expressing concern for other FAR MORE BRUTAL AND LESS JUSTIFIED OCCUPATIONS.

And to make the point even clearer... ISRAEL HAS NOT denied ANY of the above RIGHTS that I stated in numerical order, to the Palestinians.

Nor would Palestinian terrorism necessarily end if Israel gave back every inch of land it occupied in defending itself against JORDANIAN AND EGYPTIAN AGGRESSION in 1967.

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