Sunday, 18 May 2008

The TERRORIST NEST inside Britain

Green Lane Masjid Mosque - Birmingham UK

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Here is the Green Lane Masjid Mosque in Birmingham, UK.

This mosque has now been investigated and our undercover reporters made a dossier on what the speakers teach the young and the old alike.

The mosque claims to be a centre of Islamic teaching and prides itself in being "MODERATE" and in par with the British Muslim Council, by segregating messages of terrorism and working towards bringing Muslims to accommodate their religion together with life in Britain.

However, this could not be further from the truth.

The Mosque in Green lane is a den for terrorism. In fact they have a radio broadcast system which links their mosque directly to the main mosques in Saudi Arabia. Their sermons and other programs are now broadcast over the internet, and they come directly from Saudi radicals, who instead of teaching Muslims the good things of the Qu'ran, prefer to teach them how to murder our people, and cause discord in our country.

Here is the DOSSIER report from our undercover reporters, EXPOSING the evil lies and terrorism preaching that these places teach our children.

The report was also shown on TV, filmed undercover, and all the information was passed to the British Government for action.

Here are some of the words these radicals taught our children:

Sheikh Yasin We Muslims have been ordered to do brainwashing

"On women’s rights"

Abu Usamah Allah has created the woman deficient

Sh Jibali If she doesn’t wear hijab, we hit her

"On Gay issues"

Abu Usamah take that homosexual man and throw him from the mountain

"On living in a multicultural society"

Dr Mian You have to live like a state within a state until you take over

More precious gems from one of the BIGGEST MOSQUE in the UK:

Abu Usamah

"No-one loves the kuffaar, no-one loves the kuffaar, not a single person here
from the Muslims loves the kuffaar, whether those kuffaar are from the UK or the US.
We love the people of Islam and we hate the people of kufr, we hate the kuffaar"

Filmed undercover, he says he doesn’t agree with the violent actions of Muslim terrorists
- but he prefers them to non-Muslims.

Abu Usamah

"He’s better than a million George Bushes, Osama Bin Laden, and he’s
better than a thousand Tony Blairs, because he’s a Muslim"

The mosque films some of Abu Usamah’s speeches, and they’re sold locally as DVDs

Caption: The Major Sins: Ahlus Sunnah Productions (2005)
In this one, he says even Muslims who don’t follow their strict rules can be ostracised as “kaffirs”

Abu Usamah If you leave off the prayer out of negligence, then you are a kaffir. If he dies like that you have to bury him with the kuffaar. You can’t marry him.


This is just an example of what really goes on inside these terrorist nests.
We have propagated the undercover report, and the undercover film to the British government are we are demanding the closure of this mosque, and the deportation of these radicals back to the dirt hole they came from.

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