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Melek Taus - The Peacock God of the Yazid

Qu'ret al-Yezid
Revelation of Melek Ta'us

Melek Taus, the "Peacock Angel", is the god of the Yazidis.

The Yazidis consider Tawûsê Melek an emanation of God and a benevolent angel who has redeemed himself from his fall and has become a demiurge who created the cosmos frothe Cosmic Egg. After he repented, he wept for 7000 years, his tears filling seven jars, which then quenched the fires of Hell.

Melek was borrowed from the Arabic term "king" or "angel". In Hebrew, Melekh is King, and Malakh is Angel. Tawus is uncontroversially translated "peacock"; in art and sculpture, Melek Taus is depicted as peacock. However, peacocks are not native to the lands where he is worshipped.

The Yazidi believe that the founder of their religion, Sheikh Adi Ibn Musafir, was an avatar of Melek Taus.

Some people identify Melek Taus as Lucifer, or Satan. The Yazidis do not utter such blasphemy, as it is quite offensive to them to equate Melek Taus with evil. He is an Angel and this is how the Yazidis see him.

In the Islamic scheme of things, he is called Iblis or Eblis (the Calumniator or the Liar), and is considered to be the Prince of Darkness, himself. Azazel, by whatever name he might be called, is also often characterized as a 'Sovereign of the World' - kabalistically being a reflection in the Kingdom of Malkuth, of God in Kether.

In African Islamic traditions, he is known as Zeraili, the angel of death. The thorny acacia bush is sacred to Azazel, according to Arab tribes. His name is pre-Jewish and pre-Islamic. Some speculate that he may have been an early Semitic goat god whose worship later became repulsive to the Jewish and Islamic faiths. Angra Mainyu is Azazel's Zoroastrian counterpart. Andrew Collins, of "From the Ashes of Angels" fame, postulates that Azazel was most likely a powerful goat-shaman.

Whatever he was, he was the Master of Metals and Minerals. In "Genesis of the Grail Kings", Laurence Gardner says this: "It is said in Enoch that Azazel made known to men 'all the metals and the art of working them...and the use of antimony' (otherwise known as stibium [Sb] Element No. 51).

This is an essential ingredient of the preparatory alchemical process when producing the Philosopher's Stone. In the ancient Arab world antimony was called kuhl (or kohl). The related word, 'alcohol' stems from the Arabic al-kuhul, the highly refined Philosophical Mercury prepared from spirits of wine rectified over antimony" [which is, btw, extremely poisonous and related to arsenic].

According to Sir Roger Bacon, when processed in vitriol (a potent cocktail
of Alum, Ammonium Chloride, Sodium Nitrate or saltpetre, and a few
other choice materials) the antimony - a white to silver coloured ore - will be reduced to a 'noble red oil'. "Yes, many say, that when one prepares Stibium to a glass, then the evil volatile Sulphur will be gone, and the Oil, which may be prepared from the glass, would be a very fixed oil, and would then truly give an ingress and Medicine of imperfect metals to perfection."

Thus, the colour red is associated with Azazel as the Master of this most critical alchemical element.. According to traditions in the Middle East, the clay of the earth is red and from it was made man. As the Sovereign of the World of Man, red is again associated with him.

It is interesting that Enoch notes the use of antimony for the purposes of 'beautifying the eyelids', when this sulphide clearly has much more important uses and properties. It is as if we were left a clue that Azazel was an alchemist by the mere mention of the fact that part of his mastery was over this particular element. Metallurgy is also related to alchemy in that many metals and metallic salts are used in these most ancient arts.

The alchemist must forge his gold from basal leads in fire, the same as a smith who produces weapons, goblets, bowls, shields, mirrors and jewellery from ores. Azazel has also been identified with Tubal-Cain, Vulcan, and Thoth due to his mastery of metals and great knowledge.

Antimony is one of these basal leads alchemists use and is often referred to as the White Lead.One of The alchemical symbols for antimony are:

These and other alchemical symbols are painted on his robe.

The following is the Melek Taus legend from "From the Ashes of Angels":

"Yet chief among the Yezidi angels was a unique and very important figure
indeed. His name was, and still is (for the Yezidis still exist), Melek Taus,
the Peacock Angel. He corresponds with the Judeo-Christian concept of
the Evil One - Satan or Lucifer - but this association hardly does him justice, for Melek Taus is seen as a supreme being, with authority over worldly affairs.

To these people he was the creator of the material world, which he made from the scattered pieces of an original cosmic egg, or pearl, inside which his spirit had previously resided.

"According to one Yezidi text known as the Mes'haf i Resh, or 'the Black Book'- the contents of which were entirely unknown to Europeans in Layard's time -it reveals that:

In the beginning God (Kurdish Khuda) created the White Pearl out of his
most precious Essence; and He created a bird named Anfar. And He placed the pearl upon its back, and dwelt thereon forty thousand years. On the first day [of creation], Sunday, He created an angel called Azazil, which is MelekTaus, the chief of all [angels]." ~ pg. 170 'The Peacock Angel'.


The Black Book

In the beginning The Invisible One brought forth from its own precious soul a white pearl.
And It created a bird upon whose back It placed the pearl, and there He
dwelt for forty thousand years.
Then on the first day, Sunday, It created an angel called Izrael.
He is Archangel over all the Angels, he who is Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel.
He is the first to be, and to know that He is; for the One can know nothing.
On each of the other Days of the week the One brought forth Angels to serve Melek Taus.
After this, the Invisible One retreated into Itself, and acted no more; but Melek Taus was left to
Seeing the barrenness of the ether, He created the form of the seven heavens, the earth,
sun and moon.
He created mankind, animals, birds and beasts in the pockets of his cloak.
Then He brought man up from the pearl accompanied by angels.
He gave a great shout before the pearl, after which it split into four pieces.
He made water flow from its inside, and that water became the sea.
The Black Book
After that He created a ship in which He rode thirty thousand years,
After which Melek Taus came and lived among men in the city of Lâlish,
Where His temple remains to this day.
He lifted up His voice and the sea became solid and became the earth.
Then Melek Taus brought two pieces of the white pearl.
He placed one below the earth and the other He placed at the door of heaven.
Then he placed in both of them the sun and the moon.
From the scattered fragments of the white pearl He created
the stars which He suspended in the sky for decoration.
And He created fruit trees and plants on land and
mountains to beautify the earth.
And He created a throne upon a throne.
Then the Great Lord, Melek Taus, said to the angels, "I want to
create Adam and Eve and make them give rise to
mankind. Of the seed of Adam there shall be born a Prophet,
and from him shall descend a people on the earth;
then the people of Me, Melek Taus,
and these people are to be the Yezidis."
And it was so!

Revelation of Melek Taus
(Qu'ret al-Yezid)

(fragmentary; lost parts marked with brackets)
Wherefore, it is true that My knowledge compasses the very Truth of all that Is,
And My wisdom is not separate from My heart,
And the Manifestation of My descent is clear unto you,
And when it is Revealed to the Children of Adam it will be seen [.......................]
And many will tremble thereby.
All habitations and desert spaces are indeed of My own creation, set forth,
All fully within My strength, not that of the false gods;
Wherefore I am He that men come with their rightful worship,
Not the false gods of their books, wrongly written;
But they come to know Me, a Peacock of bronze and of gold,
Wings spread over Kaaba and Temple and Church, not to be overshadowed.
And in the secret cave of My wisdom it is known that there is no God but Myself,
Archangel over all the Host, Melek Ta'us.
Knowing this, who dares deny?
Knowing this, who dares fail to worship?
Knowing this, who dares worship false gods of Koran and Bible?
Knowing this, who shall make that [...............................]?
Know that who knows Me will I cast into Paradisical gardens of My pleasure!
But the Yezid who knows Me not will I cast into affliction.
Say then, I am the only and exalted Archangel;
And I make prosperous whom I will, and I enliven whom I will.
Say then, I alone am to be praised from the Towers of Lalish,
And from the Mountain of Ararat to the Western Sea.
Say then, Let the Light of Knowledge flash forth from the Ziarahs,
Flash forth from the river of Euphrates to the hiddenness of Schambhallah.
Let My sanjak be carried from its safe place into the Temple,
And let all the clans of Yezid know of My Manifestation,
Even Sheikan, and Sinjar, and Haliteyeh, and Malliyeh, and Lepcho,
And the Kotchar who wander among the heathen.

Meshaf Resh: The Black Book

In the beginning God created the White Pearl out of His most precious Essence; and
He created a bird named Anfar. And He placed the pearl upon its back, and dwelt
thereon forty thousand years.
On the first day, Sunday, He created an angel named 'Azazil, which is Ta'us Melek
("the Peacock Angel"), the chief of all.
On Monday He created Darda'il, which is Sheikh Hasan.
On Tuesday he created Israfil, who is Sheikh Shams.
On Wednesday He created Jibra'il (Gabriel), who is Sheikh Abu Bekr.
On Thursday He created 'Azra'il, who is Sajadin.
On Friday He created the angel Shemna'il, who is Nasiru'd-Din.
On Saturday He created the angel Nura'il, who is [...] He made Melek Ta'us chief over

Afterwards he created the form of the seven heavens, and the earth, and the sun, and
the moon [...] He created mankind, and animals, and birds, and beasts, and placed
them in the folds of His mantle, and arose from the Pearl, accompanied by the angels.
Then He cried out at the Pearl with a loud cry, and forthwith it fell asunder into four
pieces, and water gushed out from it and became the sea. The world was round
without clefts.
Then He created Gabriel in the form of a bird, and committed to his hands the
deposition of the four corners. Then He created a ship and abode therein thirty
thousand years, after which He came and dwelt in Lalesh. He cried out in the world,
and the sea coagulated, and the world became earth and they continued quivering.
Then He commanded Gabriel to take two of the pieces of the White Pearl, one of
which He placed under the earth, while the other rested in the Gate of Heaven. Then
He placed in them the sun and the moon, and created the stars from their fragments,
and suspended them in heaven for an ornament. He also created fruit-bearing trees
and plants in the earth, and likewise the mountains, to embellish the earth. He created
the Throne over the Carpet.

Then said the Mighty Lord, "O Angels, I will create Adam and Eve, and will make
them human beings, and from them two shall arise, out of the loins of Adam, Shehr
ibn Jebr; and from him shall arise a single people on the earth, the people of 'Azazel,
to wit of Ta'us Melek, which is the Yezidi people. Then I shall send Sheikh 'Adi b.
Musafir from the land of Syria, and he shall come and dwell in Lalesh".
Then the Lord descended to the holy land and commanded Gabriel to take earth from
the four corners of the world: earth, air, fire and water. He made it man, and endowed
it with a soul by His power. Then He commanded Gabriel to place Adam in Paradise,
where he might eat of the fruit of every green herb, only of wheat should he not eat.
After a hundred years Ta'us Melek said to God, "How shall Adam increase and
multiply, and where is his offspring?" God said to him, "Into thy hand have I
surrendered authority and administration". Then he came and said to Adam, "Hast
thou eaten of the wheat?" He answered, "No, for God hath forbidden me so to do, and
hath said, 'Thou shalt not eat of it'". Melek Ta'us said to him, "If you eat of it, all shall
go better with thee". But, after he had eaten, his belly swelled up, and Ta'us Melek
drove him forth from Paradise, and left him, and ascended into heaven. Then Adam
suffered from the distention of his belly, because it had no outlet. But God sent a bird,
which came and helped him, and made an outlet for it, and he was relieved. And
Gabriel continued absent from him for a hundred years, and he was sad, and wept.
Then God commanded Gabriel, and he came and created Eve from under Adam's left

Then Melek Ta'us descended to earth for the sake of our people- I mean the muchsuffering
Yezidis- and raised up for us kings beside the kings of the ancient
Assyrians, Nesrukh (who is Nasiru'd-Din) and Kamush (who is King Fakhru'd-Din)
and Artimus (who is King Shamsu'd-Din). And after this we had two kings, the first
and second Shapur, whose rule lasted one hundred and fifty years, and from whose
seed are our Amirs until the present day; and we became divided into four Septs.
To us it is forbidden to eat lettuce (khass) - because its name resembles that of our
prophetess Khassa - and haricot beans; also to use dark blue dye; neither do we eat
fish, out of respect for Jonah the prophet; nor gazelles, because these constituted the
flock of one of our prophets. The Sheik and his disciples, moreover, eat not the flesh
of the cock, out of respect for the peacock; for it is one of the seven gods before
mentioned, and his image is in the form of a cock. The Sheikh and his disciples
likewise abstain from eating pumpkin. It is, moreover, forbidden to us to make water
standing, or to put on out clothes sitting, or to cleanse ourselves in the privy as do the
Mohammedans, or to perform our ablutions in their baths. Neither is it permitted to us
to pronounce the name of Shaitan (because it is the name of our God), nor any name
resembling this, such as Kitan, Sharr, Shatt; nor any vocable resembling mal'un, [...],
na'l, or the like. Before [...] our religion was called idolatry: and the Jews, Christians,
Muslims and Persians held aloof from our religion. King Ahab and Amran were of us,
so that they used to call the God of Ahab Beelzebub, whom they call amongst us Pirbub.
We had a king in Babel whose name was Bukhti-Nossor (Nebuchadnezzer), and
Ahasuerus in Persia, and in Constantinople Aghriqalus. Before heaven and earth
existed, God was over the waters in a vessel in the midst of the waters.
Then He was wroth with the Pearl which he had created, wherefore he cast it away:
and from the crash of it were produced the mountains, and from the clang of it the
sand-hills, and from its smoke the heavens. Then God ascended into heaven, and
condensed the heavens, and fixed them without supports, and enclosed the earth.
Then He took the pen in His hands, and began to write down the names of all his
creatures. From His essence and light He created six gods, whose creation was as one
lighteth a lamp from another lamp.
Then said the first god to the second god, "I have created heaven; ascend thou into it,
and create something else." And when he ascended, the sun came into being. And he
said to the next, "Ascend!", and the moon came into being. And the third put the
heavens in movement, and the fourth created the stars, and the fifth created el-Kuragh
- that is to say, the Morning Star; and so on.
Kitab el-Jelwa: The Book Of Revelation
Melek Ta'us existed before all creatures. He sent his servant into this world to warn
and separate his chosen people from error: first by oral tradition, secondly by this by
this book Jilwa, which is not permitted to strangers to read or to look upon.

First Section

I was, and am now, and will continue unto eternity, ruling over all creatures and
ordering the affairs and deeds of those who are under my sway. I am presently at hand
to such as trust in me and call upon me in time of need, neither is there any place void
of me where I am not present.
I am concerned in all those events which strangers name evils because they are not
done according to their desire. Every age has a Regent, and this by my counsel. Every
generation changes with the Chief of this World, so that each one of the chiefs in his
turn and cycle fulfills his charge. I grant indulgence according to the just merits of
those qualities wherewith each disposition is by nature endowed. He who opposeth
me shall have regrets and be grieved. The other gods may not interfere in my
businessand work: whatsoever I determine, that is.
The Scriptures which are in the hands of strangers, even though they were written by
prophets and apostles, yet have these turned aside, and rebelled, and perverted them;
and each one of them confuteth the other and abrogateth it. Truth and Falsehood are
distinguished by proving them at the time of their appearance. I will fulfill my
promise to those who put their trust in me, and will perform my covenant, or will act
contrary to it, according to the judgment of those wise and discerning Regents to
whom I have delegated my authority for determinate periods. I take notes of all
affairs, and promote the performance of what is useful in its due time. I direct and
teach such as will follow my teaching, who find in their accord with me joy and
delight greater than any joy wherewith the soul rejoiceth.

I reward and I punish this progeny of Adam in all different ways of which I have
knowledge. In this my hand is the control of earth and what is above it and beneath it.
I undertake not the assistance of other races, neither do I withhold good from them;
much less do I grudge it to those who are my chosen people and obedient servants. I
surrender active control into the hands of those whom I have proved, who are, in
accordance with my will, friends in some shape and fashion to such as are faithful and
abide by my counsel. I take and I give; I make rich and I make poor; I make happy
and I make wretched, according to environments and seasons, and there is none who
hath the right to interfere, or to withdraw any man from my control. I draw down
pains and sicknesses upon such as strive to thwart me. He who is accounted mine,
dieth not like other men. I suffer no man to dwell in this lower world for more than
the period determined by me; and, if I wish, I send him back into this world a second
and a third time, or more, by the transmigration of the soul, and this by a universal

I guide without a scripture; I point the way by unseen means unto my friends and such
as observe the precepts of my teaching, which is not grievous, and is adapted to the
time and conditions. I punish such as contravene my laws in other worlds. The
children of this Adam know not those things which are determined, wherefore they
oft-times fall into error. The beasts of the field, and of heaven, and the fish of the
sea,all of them are in my hand and under my control. The treasures and hoards buried
in the heart of the earth are known to me, and I cause one after another to inherit
them. I make manifest my signs and wonders to such as will receive them and seek
them from me in their due season.
The antagonism and opposition of strangers to me and my followers do but injure the
authors thereof, because they know not that might and wealth are in my hands, and
that I bestow them on such of Adam's progeny as are deserving of them. The ordering
of the worlds, the revolution of ages, and the changing of their regents are mine from
eternity. And whosoever walketh not uprightly therein, him I will chastise in my own
appointed tie, and turn back to his former charge.
The seasons are four, and the elements are four; these have I vouchsafed to meet the
needs of my creatures. The scriptures of strangers are accepted by me in so far as they
accord and agree with my ordinances and run not counter to them; for they have been
for the most part perverted.

Three there are opposed to me, and three names do I hate. To such as keep my secrets
shall my promises be fulfilled. All those who have undergone tribulations for my
sake, will I recompense without fail in one of the worlds. I desire all my followers to
be united in one fold on account of those who are antagonists and strangers to them.
O ye who observe my injunctions, reject such sayings and teachings as are not from
me. Mention not my name or my attributes, as strangers do, lest ye be guilty of sin,
for ye have no knowledge thereof.

Fifth Section

Honor my symbol and image, for it will remind you of what ye have neglected of my
laws and ordinances. Be obedient to my servants and listen to what they communicate
to you of that knowledge of the unseen which they receive from me.


My understanding surround the truth of things,
And my truth is mixed up in me.
And the truth of my descent is set forth by itself;
And when it was known it was altogether in me.
All who are in the universe are under me,
And all the habitable parts and the deserts,
And every thing created is under me.
And I am the ruling power, preceding all that exists.
And I am he who spake a true saying.
And I am the just judge, and the ruler of the earth.
And I am he whom men worship in my glory,
Coming to me and kissing my feet.
And I am he who spread over the heavens their height.
And I am he who cried in the beginning,
And I am the Sheikh, the one and only one.
And I am he who of myself revealeth all things.
For I am he to whom came the book of glad tidings,
From my Lord who burneth the mountains.
And I am he to whom all created men come,
In obedience to kiss my feet.
I bring forth fruit from the first juice of early youth,
By my presence; and turn towards me my disciples.
And before his light the darkness of the morning cleared away.
I guide him who asketh for guidance.
And I am he that caused Adam to dwell in Paradise,
And Nimrod to inhabit a hot burning fire.
And I am he who guided Ahmed the Just,
And let him into my path and way.
And I am he unto whom all creatures
Come unto for my good purposes and gifts.
And I am he who visited all the heights,
And goodness and charity proceed from my mercy.
And I am he who made all hearts to fear my purpose,
And they magnified the power and majesty of my awfulness.
And I am he to whom the destroying lion came,
Raging, and I shouted against him and he became stone.
And I am he to whom the serpent came,
And by my will I made him dust.
And I am he who struck the rock and made it tremble,
And made to burst from its side the sweetest of waters.
And I am he who sent down the certain truth.
From me the book that comforteth the oppressed.
And I am he who judged justly;
And when I judged it was my right.
And I am he who made the springs to give water,
Sweeter and pleasanter than all waters.
And I am he that caused it to appear in my mercy,
And by my power I called it the pure.
And I am he to whom the Lord of Heaven hath said.
Thou art the Just Judge, and the ruler of the earth.
And I am he who disclosed some of my wonders.
And some of my virtues are manifested in that which exists
And I am he who caused the mountains to bow,
To move under me, and at my will.
And I am he before whose awful majesty the wild beasts cried;
They turned to me worshipping, and kissed my feet.
And I am Adi Es-shami, the son of Moosafir.
Verily the All-Merciful has assigned unto me names,
The heavenly throne, and the seat, and the seven and the earth.
In the secret of my knowledge there is no God but me.
These things are subservient to my power.
And for which state do you deny my guidance.
Oh men! deny me not, but submit;
In the day of Judgement you will be happy in meeting me.
Who dies in my love I will cast him
In the midst of Paradise by my will and pleasure;
But he who dies unmindful of me,
Will be thrown into torture in misery and affliction.
I say that I am the only one and the exalted;
I create and make rich those whom I will.
Praise be to myself, and all things are by my will.
And the universe is lighted by some of my gifts.
I am the king who magnifies himself;
And all the riches of creation are at my bidding.
I have made known unto you, O people, some of my ways,
Who desireth me must forsake the world.
And I can also speak the true saying.
And the garden on high is for those who do my pleasure.
I sought the truth, and became a confirming truth;
And by the like truth they shall possess the highest place like me

Here below we see some symbols in Cuneiform.
Please look at the first picture of Melek Taus, at the beginning of this topic and see the symbol on the left hand of the picture.

The symbol is the number 2 beloe, in Archaic Cuneiform style, dating 2,500 B.C. and means God, Heaven. (Note that it looks more like a brightness, a star).


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They will met on the mountain of the LORD, the final battle.

Revelation 16.16 the mountain
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Hopi ISIS the Goddess Venus

Daniel 11.44 alarmed he go north, (scotland split england, beast from sea, whore mother prostitutes) he go east slaughtering many, even israel at war...

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